AEV Lighting Harnesses for 2019+ HD Ram

AEV Lighting Harnesses for 2019+ HD Ram


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AEV Lighting Harnesses are an application specific, plug-n-play solution for customers adding lights to their AEV Front/Rear Bumper. These wiring harnesses feature dedicated circuits for each light (or pair of lights) and integrate directly to the OEM auxiliary switches. When it comes to installing lights, there is no easier, cleaner, or safer way to do it! 

AEV Front Bumper 7000 Series Lighting Harness

The AEV Front Bumper 7000 Series Lighting Harness is designed specifically for adding up to (2) pairs of AEV 7000 Series Off-Road Lights to the AEV Front Bumper with either our Low Tube or Brush Guard.

AEV Front Bumper LED Light Bar Harness

The AEV Front Bumper LED Light Bar Harness is a dedicated wiring harness for installing a single Baja Designs LED Light Bar on an AEV Front Bumper.

AEV Rear Bumper Lighting Harness

The AEV Rear Bumper Light Harness features two dedicated circuits for adding a pair of 3” Baja Designs auxiliary lights to the AEV Rear Bumper.  

Product FAQs

Can I use these harnesses with a “brand X” bumper or lights?

These wiring harnesses are specifically designed for an AEV Front Bumper + AEV 7000 Series Lights, AEV Bumper + Baja Designs Light Bar or an AEV Rear Bumper + Baja Designs 3” Auxiliary or Reverse Lights. Additionally, the physical dimensions of the harnesses will be specific to these combinations as well. While they may be able to be modified to work, we cannot guarantee a plug-n-play installation or offer technical advice on anything outside of these combinations.  

Can I hook these up to an aftermarket switch product like an SPod?

Most likely, but depending on what switch product you are using, you may need to make some minor modifications. All the vehicle-side plugs we use are designed to integrate with the OEM auxiliary switches.

Is there any sort of circuit protection built into these harnesses?

Yes, we designed both thermal and voltage protection into these harnesses.

How many open switches will I need?

Depending on how many lights you are installing, up to four. Each harness has two dedicated circuits. Each circuit being used will require one open switch. Therefore, someone with two pairs of 7000 lights and a rear auxiliary light would require three switches.

Do these harnesses include the switches?

No, the AEV Lighting Harnesses are designed for and require the OEM auxiliary switches. This is an option on HD Ram trucks. Many are equipped with these from the factory, but they are also available as an aftermarket Mopar accessory if your truck does not have them.

Where are these wiring harnesses made?

AEV Lighting Harnesses are proudly made in the USA!