Premium Rear Bumper For 2010+ RAM 2500/3500

Ram HD Rear Bumper


AEV’s Rear Bumper is now available for 2010+ HD Ram trucks! Just like AEV’s Front Bumper, the HD Ram Rear Bumper is not just for good looks – it is designed to withstand all the rigors of off-road use and overland travel. The Ram HD Rear Bumper for 2010+ 2500/3500 maximizes departure angle and offers integrated tubular steel corner protection for the bed. To assist with vehicle recovery, a pair of heavy duty ductile iron recovery points are included for easy rigging of anchor shackles.

Since AEV’s Rear Bumper is designed with both 4th and 5th generation HD Rams in mind, so all the necessary provisions have been made to accommodate all the latest technology found on newer trucks like ParkSense, Passive Entry Tailgate and even Trailer TPMS. Two molded step pads are included for increased traction when stepping up on to the bumper. The AEV Ram HD Rear Bumper for 2010+ 2500/3500 is compatible with the OE trailer hitch , trailer plug and spare tire winch access locations stay the same and function as they should. A new license plate is included. 

AEV’s Ram HD Rear Bumper for 2010+ 2500/3500 is E-coated and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance and is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Please note: This Rear Bumper will not fit 1500 or dual rear wheel 3500 trucks. 

Auxiliary Light Brackets

To help maximize driver visibility while backing up to a trailer or down a narrow path in the dark, AEV added a provision for two 3” square LED reverse lights to be mounted cleanly behind the bumper when used with the optional Auxiliary Light Mounting Kit.

High Clearance Tailpipe

An optional High Clearance Tailpipe Kit is also available for 2019+ HD trucks (diesel only) to help tuck the exhaust tip higher up to prevent unwanted damage when out on the trail.


Key Features:

  • Fits 2010+ Ram 2500/3500 trucks
  • Maximizes departure angle
  • Integrated tubular steel corner protection
  • Compatible with OE trailer hitch and sensors
  • Two, heavy duty ductile iron recovery points
  • Accepts two LED auxiliary lights (mount kit sold separately)
  • Optional High Clearance Exhaust Tailpipe Kit available for 2019+ diesel trucks
  • Multi-stage E-coat and powder coat finish
  • Proudly made in the USA

Product FAQs

What trucks does the AEV Rear Bumper fit?

The AEV Rear Bumper fits 2010+ HD Ram 2500/3500 trucks. Specific mounting kits provided depending on whether the truck has leaf springs or coil springs. This bumper WILL NOT fit 1500, 3500 DRW, Cab Chassis, or 4500/5500 Ram trucks

Will this rear bumper work with my OE trailer hitch and wiring?

Yes, absolutely. We made sure that all provisions are in place to accommodate all the OE trailering equipment.

My truck has a Passive Entry Tailgate, rear ParkSense and Trailer TPMS. Will those features still work after I install the AEV bumper?

Yes, yes and yes! We made sure to design our bumper in a way that all the necessary electrical components and/or sensors are able to be carried over and in the correct location. Closeout plugs are provided to cover up the holes on trucks that do not have Rear ParkSense.

How do I mount LED auxiliary lights in the bumper?

The AEV Rear Bumper has two knock-out plugs that allow for a pair of 3” square LED auxiliary lights to be mounted securely behind the rear bumper. This requires AEV’s Auxiliary Light Mounting Kit and a pair of 3” square LED lights, both are sold separately.

Are the corner tubes functional in any way or just for looks?

100% functional. The corner protection tubes for on the AEV Rear Bumper securely attach to the frame and help protect against damage sustained off-road – something very common on longer wheelbase vehicles that have a larger rear overhang.

Will the AEV Rear Bumper hurt my departure angle off-road?

No, we made sure to keep the Rear Bumper as high and tight to the bed as possible, including the corner protection tubes. Your trailer hitch will still be your lowest drag point (don’t worry, your hitch can take it!) Due to the higher corner profile of the AEV Rear Bumper, exhaust modification will be required on diesel trucks. AEV offers an optional Exhaust Tip for customers who don’t want to fabricate their own.

Are the recovery points attached to the rear bumper or the chassis?

The two, heavy duty ductile iron recovery points on the AEV Rear Bumper are bolted directly to the chassis so you can confidently use them for recovery and winching exercises.

What sort of preventive measures have been taken to prevent corrosion?

We use a multi-stage, e-coat and powder coat process on the rear bumper for maximum corrosion and UV resistance. We also use automotive grade hardware which often features corrosion resistant coatings, not typically used on more common hardware.

Where is the AEV Rear Bumper manufactured?

The AEV Rear bumper is manufactured right here in Michigan!