7000 Series LED Off-Road Light Kit

7000 Series LED Off-Road Light Kit


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AEV ‘s 7000 Series LED Off-Road Light Kit utilizes the very latest in high performance LED lighting technology to provide an amazing 8,000 eLumen (effective lumen) output. Designed with the overland traveler in mind, these 7” lights feature a hybrid beam pattern to safely illuminate the road ahead as well as the shoulder – something that is particularly important when traveling through remote areas with active wildlife.

The 7000 Series LED Light uses a robust cast aluminum housing with exclusive vibration reducing mounting brackets for lasting durability in any environment and on any terrain. Additionally, these lights feature an IP69K rating, which is the highest rating possible for protecting against water and dust intrusion. Each kit is sold complete with a pair of 7000 series lights, universal mounting brackets, weatherproof wiring harness and solid light covers featuring the AEV Bison logo.

7000 Series Features:

  • Cast aluminum housing and bezel
  • Specialized Lexan 123R lens
  • Shock tested for maximum durability
  • IP69K rating
  • Vibration isolating bracket
  • Tested for EMC interference – meets CISPR 25 Edition 3
  • Integrated thermal and voltage protection
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • Universal wiring harness w/ switch, weatherproof relay and weatherproof fuse holder
  • Deutsch DT06-2S connectors
  • 5-year warranty on electrical components
  • Lifetime warranty on housing
  • Assembled in the USA

7000 Series Tech Specs:

  • 9,900 raw lumens
  • 8,000 effective lumens
  • 12v voltage spectrum
  • 92 watts of power
  • 7.9A @ 12v (Pair)
  • Operating temp -40°c to 75°c
  • 5700K color temperature
  • 178mm (7” diameter)

Universal Light Kit Includes:

  • (2) AEV logo solid light covers
  • (2) Universal light brackets
  • (2) 7000 series LED lights
  • (1) Universal wiring harness

NEVER turn these lights on with the solid light covers installed. These lights will melt the covers, potentially causing serious damage to the light itself. 


Difficulty Level:

Installation Guides:

AEV 7000 Series LED Light Mount Installation Guide

Product FAQs

What is the difference between raw lumens and effective lumen?

In a very saturated market, Lumens can vary dramatically depending on which values are being quoted by the manufacturer. Raw Lumen is a theoretical output of light, based on the rated output of the LEDs and multiplying that by the number of LEDs in the lamp. Effective Lumen is the actual measured output of a light. The Effective Lumen output takes into consideration electrical and real world losses (ex. thermal, optical, and assembly), so it is a better representation of the useful visible light that is actually produced.

What are some common causes of damage to LED lights that I should be aware of?

Most non-impact related damage to LED lights is caused by moisture, voltage inconsistency and/or overheating. To help combat these issues, AEV 7000 series lights feature integrated thermal and voltage protected circuitry, a weatherproof wiring harness and have an IP69K rating - the highest rating possible for protecting against water and dust intrusion. 

What type of mounting brackets are supplied with this light kit?

A pair of universal pedestal-mount light brackets are included with this kit to be used on a wide variety of aftermarket bumpers and brush guards.

Are the lenses glass or plastic? Should I be worried about them cracking?

AEV’s 7000 series lights feature a specialized Lexan 123R lens. This material is ideal for the best possible combination of optical clarity, thermal stability and durability. AEV offers a pair of optional Light Grates, for even more protection.

How hard are these lights to install?

We try to make it as easy as possible by physically labeling each end of the wiring harness, so you know exactly what where everything needs to go for a trouble-free installation – the first time!

What type of beam pattern does this light have?

AEV classifies the beam pattern of this light as a hybrid beam pattern. This beam pattern was developed for the widest range of applications around the world, providing the optimal balance of distance and width – especially important when traveling through remote areas with active wildlife at night.

What is included with this kit?

This universal Light Kit includes (2) 7000 Series Lights, (2) Solid Light Covers, (2) Universal Mounting Brackets and a pre-labeled, OEM-quality wiring harness. 

What happens if I turn these lights on with the solid light covers installed?

NEVER turn these lights on with the solid light covers installed. These lights will melt the covers (quite quickly in fact), potentially causing damage to the light itself. 

Where are these lights manufactured?

AEV’s 7000 Series Off-Road LED Lights are designed, tested and assembled in the USA with a combination of components that are manufactured in Europe, Asia and the USA.