Amber Lens Kit for 7000 Series Lights


PN: 30407077AA

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The Amber Lens Kit for our 7000 Series LED Off-Road Lights is a direct-fit solution for customers who frequently travel in low-visibility scenarios (dust, rain, fog and snow) and want to improve the amount of light penetration while also reducing refraction and glare back towards the driver. Additionally, amber/yellow light is much more pleasing to the eye, which reduces eye strain during long drives through remote backcountry.

These are replacement Lexan lenses, so the light bezel and original clear lens will need to be removed for installation. These amber lenses for off-road lights are sold as a pair.

Tech Specs:

Lexan 123R
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools

Product FAQs

What is the point of a yellow/amber lens?

Yellow/amber light will improve visibility in dust, rain, fog, snow, etc., while also reducing light refraction and strain on your eyes.

Do these lenses clip on to my 7000 series lights?

No, this is a replacement lens. The light bezel and original clear lens must be removed for installation. These lenses DO NOT affect the ability to run solid covers or our 7000 Series Light Grille Kit.

I see these lenses are Lexan. Should I be worried about cracking them?

No, these are specialized Lexan 123R lenses for the best possible combination of optical clarity, thermal stability and durability.

Do these lenses alter the beam pattern?

No, they only change the color of the light output.