Rear Bumper & RX Tire Carrier for 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL

Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier


The AEV Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier for the 2018+ JL Wrangler are essential upgrades for anyone serious about off-roading adventure. The OE Jeep JL Wrangler rear bumper with tire carrier work perfectly fine for a stock vehicle that seldom leaves the road, but they are not really meant to withstand much off-road abuse.

AEV’s JL Rear Bumper is designed from the ground up to withstand all the rigors of off-road use and overland travel. The JL Rear Bumper maximizes departure angle and offers chassis-mounted, tubular steel corner protection for the rear quarter sheet metal, which is one of the most vulnerable parts on the Wrangler. The AEV Rear Bumper includes a pair of heavy duty, chassis mounted recovery points for easy rigging of ¾” anchor shackles. Rotomolded corners reduce added weight, while adding to the overall aesthetic, and a molded step pad is included for secure footing when accessing your cargo.

The AEV Jeep JL rear bumper is fully compatible with the OE trailer hitch receiver, license plate light, trailer harness plug and will accept the rear ParkSense back-up sensors (if equipped). There is also a provision for a single 3” square LED reverse light to be mounted cleanly behind the bumper (mounting kit sold separately) and to add a pair of AEV Splash Guards (sold separately). To make sure the Bumper fits correctly on all Wranglers, we even designed two unique fender-flare extension kits for Jeeps with either the “high” fender flare option or the standard fender flares. Customers who have aftermarket fender flares or no fender flares at all are able to order the Rear Bumper without a flare extension for a narrower width. With multiple configuration options available, the AEV Rear Bumper will look great on the back of your JL Wrangler regardless of your fender flare style.

The RX Tire Carrier is very similar to the proven design of our Tire Carrier for the JK Wrangler, taking all the stress and weight from your oversized spare wheel and tire OFF the tailgate and on to the frame of the vehicle. This not only offers a more secure mounting solution but will eliminate the risk of damaging your tailgate by overloading it, while still maintaining a one-handed operation. Many of the other signature features from our previous generation Tire Carrier also carry-over, such as mounting provisions on the top of the mast for a reverse/chase light and antennas, as well as a shovel holder behind your spare tire. Additionally, a relocation kit for the OE rear camera and a newly designed CHMSL (3rd brake light) are both included with this kit. The RX Tire Carrier will also accept an AEV Fuel Caddy, allowing you to carry an extra 10.2 gallons of fuel safely and securely, behind your spare tire (sold separately) and will carry up to a 40” tall tire or a 37” tall tire, when used with the optional Fuel Caddy.

The AEV Jeep JL rear bumper with tire carrier are E-coated and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance and are proudly manufactured in the USA. Due to being more exposed to road debris and trail obstacles than most components, the AEV Jeep JL rear bumper with tire carrier also has a zinc plating applied prior to e-coat for added corrosion resistance. also has a zinc plating applied prior to e-coat for added corrosion resistance.

Please note: The AEV Rear Bumper will not work with the factory spare tire mount unless an adapter is added to move the spare tire up and away from the bumper. Additionally, AEV’s RX Tire Carrier will only work with AEV’s Rear Bumper and is not compatible with the OE rear bumper. 

  • Fits 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL
  • Maximizes departure angle
  • Removes weight and stress off your tailgate
  • Two heavy duty steel recovery points
  • Compatible with OEM tow package
  • Optional 10.2 gal AEV Fuel Caddy available
  • ParkSense compatible
  • Durable E-coat/powdercoat finish
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Product FAQs

What does the "RX" in RX Tire Carrier stand for?

This is something that will make more sense as time goes on and we continue to release new products. Some products will be geared a bit more towards more technical off-road use or "rock crawling" (RX) and some products will geared more toward "expedition use" (EX). These designations are solely based on features and available options a product has, NOT the strength or quality.  

Do the AEV Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier fit all JL Wrangler models?

Yes they do!

Will the JL Rear Bumper work with rear ParkSense?

Yes, we made sure to provide locations for the factory ParkSense sensors (if equipped) AND that they are in the correct locations.

What happens to my rear camera once I take off my factory spare tire mount?

The RX Tire Carrier includes a relocation kit to allow your factory rear camera to be retrofitted to the AEV Tire Carrier. 

Can the JL Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier be used independently from each other or only as a combo?

Only as a combo – The AEV Rear Bumper is not compatible with the stock spare tire mount and the RX Tire Carrier is not compatible with any of the factory JL bumpers. If you do want to use the AEV Rear Bumper without our tire carrier, you will need some sort of relocation kit to move the spare tire up and away from the bumper.

Will this rear bumper work with my factory trailer hitch and wiring?

Absolutely. The AEV JL Rear Bumper is fully compatible with the factory trailer hitch receiver and wiring harness.

Are the corner protection tubes truly functional or just there to look cool?

100% functional. The corner protection tubes on the JL Rear Bumper mount to the chassis, so they have no problem taking a hit.

Do the corner tanks hold water like on the JK Rear Bumper?

No, the corner tanks on the JL Rear Bumper are not functional water tanks.

What should I do about my 3rd brake light after I remove my factory spare tire mount?

No worries, a quick-release relocation bracket for the OEM light is included.

How do I add an auxiliary light to the JL Rear Bumper?

The JL Bumper has a knock-out plug that allows for a 3” square light to be mounted securely behind the rear bumper. This requires the optional Aux Light Mounting Kit, sold separately.

What is the biggest tire I can fit on the RX Tire Carrier?

The RX Tire Carrier will accept up to a 40” tire or a 37” tire, when used with our Fuel Caddy.

What type of finish is used on the JL Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier?

We use a multi-stage, e-coat and powder coat process on both the Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier which offers far superior UV and corrosion resistance. Additionally, great attention was paid to ensuring that standing water is able to drain out properly and exposed hardware was kept to a minimum. The rear bumper is also zinc plated prior to e-coat for additional corrosion resistance.

Additionally, keeping any exposed bare metal to a minimum is critical. We recommend picking up a can of AEV's touch-up paint if you happen to scratch the finish of your rear bumper. It's the correct color and texture to keep your bumper looking good for years to come. 

What is the warranty?

The AEV JL Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier both carry a lifetime structural warranty and a 1 year warranty against corrosion - both applicable to the original purchaser and from the original date of purchase. 

Where are the JL Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier manufactured?

Both the AEV Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier are proudly manufactured in the USA!

Will the AEV tire carrier work with the Mopar Tailgate Reinforcement?

The AEV rear bumper and tire carrier will work with the Mopar tailgate reinforcement. The AEV fuel caddy will not fit due to interference with the antenna/flag mount on top of the reinforcement bracket, but the rest of the tire carrier clears without issue.