EX Front Bumper


The AEV EX Front Bumper for JL Wrangler / Gladiator raises the bar for front end protection with a host of innovative design features and manufacturing processes that truly set it apart from the rest – even the factory steel winch bumper. Designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA, the AEV EX Front Bumper provides an unrivaled level of functionality, style, and protection for your Jeep.


The full-width design of the AEV EX Front Bumper offers maximum protection for the vital front suspension components that can often leave a vehicle disabled when damaged in a collision. It also helps direct air up and over the fender flares instead of trapping the air inside the flare, which increases drag and reduces fuel economy. These benefits do not come at the expense of limiting tire size, decreased tire clearance, or approach angle. In fact, the EX Front Bumper sits higher and tighter to the body, giving it a better approach angle than the factory winch bumper.


The AEV EX Front Bumper is manufactured out of Hot Stamped Boron Steel (HSBS) and features an OE-quality, multi-stage E-coat/powder coat finish for maximum corrosion and UV resistance. Hot Stamped Boron Steel is an ultra-high strength, press hardened steel that is commonly used in automotive applications for passenger impact protection because it is lightweight with an extremely high yield strength. The complete EX Front Bumper weighs approximately 110 pounds, yet it is stronger than a bumper weighing twice as much.


What good is a winch bumper if it is difficult to use? The factory winch bumper allows mounting a winch to your vehicle, but the clutch handle can be difficult to access and the winch line visibility when spooling your winch is very poor. The carefully thought-out profile of the EX Front Bumper solves both of these issues, offering plenty of accessibility to the clutch and a better view of your winch line during recovery operations – even with hoop mounted lights!


Lighting is a critical component to traveling safely through remote backcountry, so the EX Front Bumper allows for the installation of AEV 7000 Series LED Off-Road Lights underneath the center hoop with the use of the optional Off-Road Light Brackets (sold separately). This allows easy access to the winch and its components. All various OEM fog light options are compatible with the EX Front Bumper and install seamlessly with the supplied brackets and bezel.

If you are looking to maximize light output to illuminate the ground in front of you and help cut through fog, snow, or heavy dust and silt, you can add a 20” lightbar behind our optional Front Bumper Skid Plate (sold separately) using the optional Front Bumper Skid Plate Light Mount (sold separately).

Additionally, a Trail Cam Relocation Kit is available to relocate the camera to underneath the center hoop for an unobstructed view of the trail head.


The AEV EX Front Bumper is up for any recovery task that may present itself, with two Hi-Lift Jack guides and a pair of heavy-duty, chassis-mounted recovery points that are tested to meet all OE load specifications and are appropriately sized for ¾” anchor shackles. A 10,000lb Warn Zeon 10-S winch (or other similarly sized winches) can be added to the EX Front Bumper with the use of our optional Winch Mount. An Optional Non-Winch Cover Plate is available for customers who don’t plan on installing a winch and wish to cover up the winch opening.


AEV is committed to US manufacturing to bring you the best quality, materials, and craftsmanship. The multi-stage e-coat/powder-coated AEV EX Front Bumper is proudly designed, tested, and manufactured right here in the USA and carries a lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year warranty against corrosion – both applicable to the original purchaser and from the original date of purchase.


Key Features:

  • Fits JL Wrangler/Gladiator
  • Full-width corner protection
  • Satin Textured Black
  • Modular design allows for additional corner configurations
  • Hot-Stamped Boron Steel (HSBS)
  • Compatible with Warn Zeon winches
  • Roto-molded hoop assembly
  • Compatible w/ OEM fog lights and a pair of 7″ Off-Road Lights
  • OE-grade E-coat and powder coat finish
  • Front Trail Cam Compatible
  • Made in the USA


Check out FourWheeler Magazine’s Installation and Review of the AEV EX Front Bumper here! 

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Product FAQs

Can this bumper be converted to a short bumper configuration?

Yes, it can be done but there’s a fair amount of work involved and doing it repeatedly would very likely lead to premature corrosion over time. It’s worth noting too that even our full-width corners provide significantly more ground clearance than the OEM bumper and offer much more corner/flare protection.

What is Hot Stamped Boron Steel? What is so great about it and why switch from traditionally stamped steel for the JL/JT Front Bumper?

Hot Stamped Boron Steel is an ultra-high strength, press hardened steel. Hot stamping is the process, Boron Steel (aka Usibor) is the material. Hot Stamped Boron Steel is most commonly used in automotive applications for passenger impact protection because it is lightweight with an extremely high yield strength. We originally chose this material for the factory-installed AEV skid plate package installed Colorado ZR2 Bison because of its high strength-to-weight ratio but also for its hardness and resistance to gouging. Hot Stamped Boron Steel also has a chemical coating that further enhances corrosion protection of the bumper stampings.
As we learned more about this material, we recognized an opportunity to utilize this material and process for the EX Front Bumper. Not as an attempt to reduce weight but rather as a way to significantly increase the strength and durability of our bumper without adding more material and weight.
All of the "A-side" stampings of the EX Front Bumper are Hot Stamped Boron Steel, as well as the corner-to-corner fairlead stamping and the optional Front Bumper Skid Plate. The frame tie-in mounting brackets are traditionally manufactured with mild steel.

Will I still be able to use my front camera?

Yes, we have an optional Front Camera Relocation Kit available to move the camera from the grille to the center hoop of the bumper.

How do I know if I have the “high” or "standard" fender flares on my Jeep?

In North America, Rubicon models came with a “high” fender flare option that allows for more tire clearance. Visually they look similar to the ones used on other models however, these fender flares sit about an inch higher and an inch wider than the standard fender flares found on Sport and Sahara models. Export models may vary depending on the country they were built for.

Diagram explaining the difference between low flare and high flare Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator.

Which brand/model winches are compatible with the AEV EX Front Bumper?

The AEV EX Front Bumper/Winch Mount was designed primarily with the Warn Zeon line of winches in mind. The Warn Zeon 10-S is the same model winch offered on AEV’s JL Wrangler and JL Gladiator conversion packages. Other brand/model winches may also fit if they have overall dimensions that are equal to the Warn Zeon winch and can be mounted in the same orientation. AEV recommends that anyone attempting to install a winch outside of this model, do some independent research prior to purchasing either the winch or this Front Bumper/Winch Mount.

Can this bumper be used without a winch mount?

Yes, the EX Front Bumper can be used with or without a winch mount. We do recommend the Winch Delete Kit if you do not plan on installing a winch.

Is there a way to attach a front license plate?

Yes! Actually, two ways: For customers not installing a winch, the bumper has provisions for a direct attachment, covering the fairlead opening in the front. For customers installing a winch, we recommend one of our Hawse or Roller Fairlead License Plate Kits. These are both good options to keep you legal, without becoming a nuisance when you need to operate your winch.

From your pictures, it looks like the center hoop, lights and winch block off too much airflow to the grille, is this something I should worry about?

No. We spent years (literally) developing and testing this bumper in a variety of ways and conditions to make sure this bumper would perform well and without compromise BEFORE it made it on the front of any customer owned vehicles. The EX Front Bumper has seen everything from the daily commute to high altitude rock crawling to a multi-day overland trip across the desert.

How do I attach off-road lights to the EX Front Bumper?

An optional AEV Light Mount Kit is available, which allows you to mount a pair of AEV 7000 series lights to the center hoop on the EX Front Bumper. 

The center hoop has a "channel" running along the backside, making it very easy to hide all your wiring for a super clean and professional looking install.


Are the recovery points mounted to the bumper or the chassis?

All of recovery points on any AEV bumper are mounted to the chassis and tested to meet or exceed the load ratings of the factory recovery points we are replacing. We would NEVER recommend a bumper-mounted recovery point on any application.

The center hoop is rotomolded? Is that really durable enough?

Absolutely. While the outer shell is rotomolded, it is actually very thick and surrounds a steel "spine" which also serves as a channel to run your light wiring cleanly and out of sight. Going with a roto molded center hoop proved to be much more versatile and lighter than something like a cast aluminum center hoop.

What does the Front Bumper skid plate protect and how do I mount an LED light bar behind it?

The Front Bumper Skid Plate protects your sway bar, impact beam, and steering as well. There is an optional LED Light Bar mount available that allows for a 20" LED light bar to be mounted safely behind the skid plate, making it almost impossible to damage off-road. Having the LED light bar below the bumper really helps with visibility during inclimate weather.

Please note: The light bar brackets bolt to the winch mount, so it's required for that accessory but not for the skid plate itself.   

Is OEM Front Skid Plate compatible with the EX/RX Front Bumper?

No, the OEM Front Skid Plate is not compatible with our EX/RX Front Bumper. We offer our own optional Front Skid Plate that is designed specifically for our EX/RX Front Bumpers. 

Can this bumper ship via standard FedEx Ground or does it have to go truck freight?

 One of the advantages of going with a modular bumper design, is we can break it up into multiple boxes for shipping. This allows the EX Front Bumper to ship via FedEx ground.

What type of finish is used on the EX Front Bumper?

We use a multi-stage, e-coat and powder coat process on these front bumpers which offers far superior UV and corrosion resistance. Additionally, great attention was paid to ensuring that standing water is able to drain out properly and exposed hardware was kept to a minimum.

Additionally, keeping any exposed bare metal to a minimum is critical. We recommend picking up a can of AEV's touch-up paint if you happen to scratch the finish of your front bumper or skid plate. It's the correct color and texture to keep your bumper looking good for years to come.


What is the warranty?

The EX Front Bumper carries a lifetime structural warranty and a 1 year warranty against corrosion - both applicable to the original purchaser and from the original date of purchase.

Where is the EX Front Bumper manufactured?

Proudly made right here in the USA!