Front Trail Cam Relocation Kit for RX/EX Front Bumper


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The AEV Front Trail Cam Relocation Kit is an effective solution for JL Wrangler/Gladiator owners who already have or want to add an AEV Front Bumper to their Trail Cam-equipped Jeep.

The factory location of the jeep front trail cam is perfectly fine for a stock bumper. However, once an aftermarket front bumper is added, the center hoop blocks the Trail Cam’s field of vision. The AEV Front Trail Cam Relocation Kit moves the camera from its original position in the middle of the grille to the center hoop of the AEV Front Bumper for an unobstructed view of the trail ahead.

The AEV Jeep Front Trail Cam Relocation Kit includes an injection molded camera housing, stamped steel mounting bracket, installation hardware and an extension hose to retain the OEM camera washer nozzle functionality.


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
1-2 Hours

Product FAQs

I have a “Brand X” front bumper and I can no longer use my front Trail Cam, will this kit work?

No. This Front Trail Cam Relocation Kit is only compatible with the AEV Front Bumper.

Do I need to modify my factory wiring harness to reach the new mounting location?

No. Fortunately, it is long enough to be re-routed to the center hoop of the AEV Front Bumper without the need to modify the wiring harness.

There is no exposed wiring for the front Trail Cam on any of AEV builds that I see. How do you run the wiring all the way to the new mounting location and keep it hidden?

That is one of the cool design features of the AEV Front Bumper. The roto-molded center hoop allows for wiring to be routed along the steel “spine” inside the tube, remaining out of sight and protected from the elements.

Does relocating the Trail Cam to the AEV Front Bumper’s center hoop have any negative effect on cooling?

No. There is still plenty of airflow to the radiator/intercooler, even when combined with a set of AEV Off-Road Lights.

Will the washer still function for the front Trail Cam?

Absolutely! We specifically designed our housing to accommodate the nozzle and include an extension hose for the washer fluid.