Universal Light & Accessory Mount Kit

Universal Light & Accessory Mount Kit


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AEV’s 3” Tube Accessory Mount provides a flat and secure mounting surface for attaching a variety of accessories such as auxiliary driving lights or an antenna, to any 3” OD tube. Even though these clamps were designed primarily for installing our 7000 Series LED Off-Road Lights on our JK and HD Ram* Front Bumpers, they can also be used any brush guard with 3” OD tubing and are compatible with both single and double sheer light hardware.

AEV Universal Light and Accessory Mount Kit is manufactured out of an extremely durable, glass-filled nylon material, ensuring these clamps will look good for years to come, regardless of what corner of the world you live in or travel. Installation is very simple, requiring only a single hex key or Allen wrench.

AEV Universal Light and Accessory Mount Kit is sold individually and proudly made in the USA. OFF-ROAD LIGHTS SOLD SEPARATELY.

*HD Ram owners: If you have an AEV Front Bumper, AEV offers a Ram-specific Low Tube Light Mount Kit, which includes 2-4 Accessory Mounts and a Low Tube Stabilizer Kit.

  • Universal Accessory Mount for 3” OD tube
  • For use with off-road lights, antennas, or sand flags
  • Compatible with singe or double sheer mounting configurations
  • Durable and UV-stable nylon material
  • Captured hardware for easy install
  • Made in the USA


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AEV30434AB UniversalTubeMount

Product FAQs

Why are the 3" Tube Accessory Mounts not made of metal?

Glass-filled nylon has been used for a long time for a variety of automotive applications and is very durable. Additionally, this material is very stable and will not corrode over time like a steel or aluminum mount would. 

How difficult are these to install?

Extremely easy. Installation only requires a single hex key or Allen wrench. We also designed these mounts to capture the nuts on the backside to eliminate the need for a second tool or set of hands to tighten into place.

Are the Accessory Mounts size-adjustable?

No, these clamps are made specifically for a 3” OD tube and there is no adjustability for larger/smaller diameters.

I see that AEV mounts some lights “upside down”, is that a different type of mount?

No, that is the same mount! AEV Accessory Mounts can be used to mount a light either above or below the mounting surface, which gives you more options when working with limited space.

Will the Accessory Mount work with an LED light bar?

Yes, but since they are sold individually, you must order two.

Where are the AEV Accessory Mounts manufactured?

AEV Accessory Mounts are proudly manufactured in the USA.