Low Tube Light & Accessory Mount Kit for Ram HD

Low Tube Light & Accessory Mount Kit for Ram HD



The Low Tube Light Mount Kit for Ram HD trucks provides stable and secure mounting solution for attaching up to (4) off-road driving lights to the AEV Front Bumper Low Tube.

Available as a 2pk or 4pk, the included AEV 3″ Low Tube Light & Accessory Mount Kit are manufactured out of an extremely durable and UV-stable, glass-filled nylon material. This ensures that they will look good for years to come, regardless of what corner of the world you live in or travel. A Low Tube Stabilizer Kit is also included to provide extra support and to eliminate any unwanted vibration from the extra weight of the lights. 

Installation is very simple, requiring only a common hand tools. OFF-ROAD LIGHTS SOLD SEPARATELY.

  • For HD Ram trucks w/ AEV Front Bumper
  • Includes 3″ Tube Accessory Mounts (2pk or 4pk) and a Low Tube Stabilizer Kit
  • Stable and secure way to add off-road lights to your AEV Front Bumper
  • Will support up to 4 lights
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Made in the USA


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Installation Guides:

Low Tube Reinforcement Brackets Installation Guide

Product FAQs

What is the maximum number of lights I can install with this kit?

We recommend up to (4) lights with this kit. You will need to purchase (2) additional clamps if you want to run four lights across the Low Tube.

Why are the Accessory Mounts not made of metal?

Glass-filled nylon has been used for a long time for a variety of automotive applications and is very durable. Additionally, this material is very stable and will not corrode over time like a steel or aluminum mount would. Finally, the design itself is one that could only be achieved with a very expensive CNC process, which would effectively make these mounts more expensive than most lights.

How difficult are these to install?

Extremely easy. Installation only requires a single hex key or Allen wrench. We also designed these mounts to capture the nuts on the backside to eliminate the need for a second tool or set of hands to tighten into place.

Are the Accessory Mounts adjustable?

No, these mounts are made specifically for a 3” OD tube and there is no adjustability.

Do I really need the Low Tube Stabilizer Kit, or can I just buy the mounts?

If you intend on using your lights off-road, you will want to buy the complete kit. Even the slightest bit of vibration or movement over bumps will be magnified by the light. This kit stabilizes the Low Tube to keep everything nice and stable.