ProCal SNAP for 2019+ Ram HD 2500/3500/4500/5500

ProCal SNAP for 2019-2024 HD Ram


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ProCal SNAP module for the 2019-2024 HD Ram (incl. 4500/5500) is a simple, cost effective calibration module that will accurately correct your speedometer after installing larger tires (up to 42″ tall) and/or changing the axle/transfer case gear ratio, saving you from the headaches of going to the dealership or purchasing unnecessary equipment. The AEV ProCal SNAP Module for Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500 even has the ability to adjust your TPMS threshold, a very important feature to have when running larger tires with less air pressure.

After installing AEV’s Programming Harness (included), ProCal SNAP simply plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port and interfaces with the user through the audio system equalizer. After inputting the necessary numerical values for the tire size or gear ratio through the audio equalizer (example: 35.5” tall tire = bass 3, mid 5 and treble 5) the settings are saved by pressing and holding a combination of buttons on the steering wheel. It’s that easy…in fact, some might say it’s a SNAP!

AEV ProCal SNAP is proudly manufactured in the USA.


  • Easy installation
  • Works with 2019+ Ram HD 2500/3500/4500/5500 trucks
  • Accurately calibrates your speedometer in minutes
  • Ideal for vehicles with larger than stock tires (up to 42″ tall) and/or different axle gear ratio
  • Adjust TPMS threshold
  • WILL NOT void your factory warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA

Tech Specs:

2019+ Ram HD 2500, 2019+ Ram HD 3500, 2019+ Ram HD 4500, 2019+ Ram HD 5500
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:

Installation Guides:

AEV ProCal SNAP User Guide

AEV ProCal Harness for Ram Installation Guide

Product FAQs

What vehicles does the ProCal SNAP work with?

The ProCal SNAP is designed specifically for the 2019-2024 HD Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500 trucks (gas & diesel).

What is the wiring harness for?

20192024 Ram trucks have a security gateway module installed from the factory. In order to bypass the security gateway module, there are two options: install a bypass module or install the AEV Programming harness. It’s much easier to install the harness which gives enthusiasts a direct connection to their vehicles communication system for the ProCal or any device utilizing the OBDII Connector with the AEV adapter. This system retains the factory security gateway module to protect you from a remote attack through the radio or cellular connection.

There are other similar electronic calibration modules on the market, what makes the ProCal SNAP better?

Experience- We have been designing and manufacturing calibration modules for over a decade, beginning with other FCA platforms. Also, we have tested some of the competitive products out in the market and have seen everything from unexplained battery draw to features that are potentially dangerous to both the user and the vehicle.

What functions will the ProCal SNAP perform?

The ProCal SNAP provides quick and easy speedometer calibration for customers who install taller than stock tires, change their axle/transfer case gear ratio and TPMS threshold adjustment (down to 24 psi).

Will the ESP in my vehicle system be affected?

Yes, for the better. The ESP system uses vehicle speed along with individual sensors that measure acceleration both front-to-rear and side-to-side. ESP functions by calculating how much steering angle the user inputs and how fast the vehicle is going, and then calculates how much side-to-side acceleration should occur. If the side-to-side acceleration is less than what the ESP predicts, that means the vehicle is sliding and it will try to correct the situation by applying specific brakes at each wheel and/or reducing throttle.

If the tire size and gear ratio values are incorrect, the calculations the ESP system processes will also be incorrect. This can cause the ESP system to trigger at the wrong time, which at best can be annoying and if it happens at the wrong time (or doesn’t happen when it should) can be dangerous. Lifted vehicles are more prone to inadvertent ESP activation, because the speedometer is wrong. The ProCal SNAP will allow you to fix this issue so your ESP can function properly.

Does the AEV ProCal change the software of the vehicle?

No. The ProCal SNAP only adjusts parameters the vehicle uses in calculations. These parameters will not cause any reliability issues and can always be modified or restored to an original value.

How long does it take to calibrate my vehicle?

After installing the supplied AEV Programming Harness, calibrating your speedometer with the ProCal SNAP only takes a few minutes.

Can I use the AEV ProCal on more than one vehicle?

No, the ProCal SNAP pairs itself with the first vehicle it is used on. Do not pair the ProCal SNAP on any vehicle you do not intend on calibrating.

I bought 40" tall tires, do I really have to measure them or is 40" close enough?

Yes, you really have to measure the tire. The size listed on the side of the tire can be off by as much as an inch or more in either direction. All manufacturers’ values are different, and there can be variation in the manufacturing process. An actual measurement with weight on the vehicle, rounded to the nearest quarter inch, is required in order to get an accurate input.

Do I need to re-calibrate my vehicle if the battery is disconnected?

No. The data that the AEV ProCal SNAP modifies does not depend on constant power and will remain even if the battery has been removed.

I took my truck to the dealer and had to re-flash my vehicle. What should I do?

If a feature has been changed by the dealer or anyone else, simply re-calibrate the speedometer using your AEV ProCal SNAP by following the original installation procedure.

Do I need to keep the ProCal SNAP plugged into the vehicle?

No. The AEV ProCal SNAP was not designed to remain plugged in. Once you are finished using your ProCal SNAP, it is recommended to store the module in a dry place, like the glove box.

What tire size range does the ProCal SNAP work with?

ProCal SNAP has the ability to calibrate your speedometer for any tire measuring up to 42" tall.

I use the metric system, will the ProCal SNAP work for me?

No problem. Since the ProCal SNAP is primarily marketed in the United States, the instructions show non-metric values. For customers outside of the US, simply convert your metric values to imperial and follow the instructions provided.

Where is the ProCal SNAP manufactured?

Expecting us to say China, Taiwan or Hong Kong? The ProCal SNAP is proudly manufactured right here in the USA. Try to find an electronics manufacturer that can say that these days!