HighMark Fender Flares For 2019+ RAM HD

2019+ Ram HD HighMark Fender Flares


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AEV’s HighMark Fender Flare kit is now available for 5th Generation HD Ram trucks! This innovative, cut-out style Fender Flare Kit is designed to allow the fitment of up to 41″ tires with only 3″ of suspension lift* on your 2019+ HD Ram truck (incl. 4500/5500). These heavy trucks benefit immensely from a larger tire footprint and this kit is just the ticket, providing all the benefits of a large tire off-road, while maintaining a low center of gravity for safety and optimized handling on the road. This kit also includes all the other details necessary to finish the job professionally, including new wheel liners and structural steel reinforcements.

The construction of the HighMark Fender Flares is extremely unique, in fact the only vehicle that uses a similar construction is the Mercedes Unimog, and even at that, the AEV kit uses a much stronger version. While most aftermarket flares are simply a thin single sheet of vacuum formed plastic, AEV chose to use rotomolded polyethylene (similar to a whitewater kayak) for the ultimate in strength. This kit simply can’t be compared to anything else currently found in the aftermarket. These flares are a fully enclosed, ¼” thick highly durable part that provides approximately 4.5” of additional coverage per side.

Designed, tested and manufactured using OE-level processes, the Highmark Fender Flares for 2019+ RAM 2500/3500 give your truck aggressive styling and an imposing stance with a fit and finish that are second to none. Additionally, the AEV Highmark Fender Flare Kit complies with US DOT passenger vehicle width regulations and includes auxiliary front and rear LED marker lights. Optional AEV Rear Splash Guards are also available to comply with state and local regulations.

AEV Highmark Fender Flares for 2019+ RAM 2500/3500 are proudly made in the USA and are available as a complete kit or a standalone front set intended for customers who are using a utility body, cab chassis, custom bed or camper configurations.


NOTE: Installation of the Front Highmark Fender Flares requires the use of Mopar bedside support rods. Check to see if your vehicle is equipped with these rods before starting installation. Many trucks do have these from the factory but if your vehicle does not, you will need to purchase Mopar part numbers: 68196934AA & 68196935AA from your local dealership.

  • Fits 2019+ HD Ram (incl. 4500/5500)
  • Allows the fitment of a massive 41” tire with only 3” of suspension lift!
  • Provides 3.5” additional tire coverage in the front and 4.5” in the rear
  • Maintains a low center of gravity for optimized handling and safety
  • Nearly indestructible polyethylene measuring over ¼” thick
  • Custom AEV inner fender liners are included for a professional installation
  • Front only sets are available for utility body, cab chassis and custom bed/camper applications
  • Factory fit and finish
  • Complies with US DOT regulations
  • Proudly made in the USA

*Please note: The AEV Highmark Fender Flare Kit was designed and engineered to be used in conjunction with AEV’s 3” DualSport RT Suspension System, Front Bumper (w/ Short Corners) and 17×10 Katla Wheels. For that reason, AEV cannot guarantee tire clearance and compatibility when used with other manufacturers’ front bumpers, wheels and/or suspension systems and steering components. Professional installation is highly recommended. Some steering stop adjustment may be required depending on tire and wheel choice.


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
8-10 Hours (Front) | 5-6 Hours (Rear)

Installation Guides:

AEV30406AB 2019 FRONT_Flares

AEV Highmark Fender Flares Ram HD Rear

AEV Highmark Fender Flares Ram HD Front

Product FAQs

Do I have to cut any sheet metal to install these flares on my truck?

Yes and AEV does include templates to assist you but if you are concerned with doing the work yourself, AEV sales staff can assist you in finding an authorized AEV installer near you. Please contact us at (248) 926-0256.

Is there anything else required to install the front flare on a 4500/5500?

No, but we do recommend the Phoenix Flexy Flare (2.25" wide) part # PX52-191, for additional coverage. 

Will these fender flares fit with my OE front bumper or other aftermarket bumpers?

The main fender flare portion that mounts to the sheet will work. However, the lower fender flare extension for the bumper is designed specifically for the AEV Front Bumper (w/ "Short" corners). The profile will not match the OE or other aftermarket bumpers.

What makes AEV HighMark Fender Flares different than all the less expensive aftermarket fender flares out there?

AEV’s HighMark Fender Flares are only similar to other aftermarket fender flares in namesake. These heavy duty, rotomolded fender flares are unlike anything else on the market and a solution for anyone looking to add larger tires without adding a huge suspension lift. AEV HighMark Fender Flares allow for the installation of up to a 41” tall tire when combined with AEV’s 3” DualSport Suspension System.

What size tire will these fender flares accommodate?

AEV HighMark Fender Flares allow for the installation of up to a 41” tall tire when combined with AEV’s 3” DualSport Suspension System and AEV Front Bumper. We also recommend our 17x10 Katla wheels, which are designed specifically for this combination.

How long do these fender flares take to install?

AEV recommends 8-10 hours for the Front Fender Flares and 5-6 hours for the Rear Fender Flares. This time may be more or less depending on skill level and familiarity with body modifications.

What HD Ram models will these fender flares fit?

AEV HighMark Fender Flares are available for 2019+ Ram 2500/3500 and sold individually per axle, for customers building a custom tray bed or camper body trucks.

What material are these fender flares made out of? Will they hold up decent off-road?

AEV's HighMark Fender Flares for the 5th Gen HD Ram are rotomolded out of extremely durable and uv-stable cross-linked polyethylene. In more relatable terms, think of how strong a kayak is. That is the same material/manufacturing process that we use to make our HighMark Fender Flares because they had to be extremely strong and durable to handle the rigors of off-road use. 

Where are these fender flares manufactured?

AEV’s HighMark Fender Flares are proudly manufactured right here in the USA.