Winch Mount for 2019+ ZR2 Bison

ZR2 Bison Winch Mount


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One of the most notable features of the 2019+ Colorado ZR2 Bison has to be its stamped steel front bumper. It looks great, provides some serious front end protection and also happens to be winch compatible from the factory.

AEV’s Winch Fairlead Kit gives you everything you need to safely mount a winch inside the ZR2 Bison’s AEV Front Bumper. This kit was developed along side Chevrolet engineers to ensure that none of the ZR2 Bison’s cooling properties were compromised and that your winch is safely mounted in the event of a front-end collision. The ZR2 Bison Winch Fairlead Kit includes AEV’s under hood solenoid mounting bracket, custom wiring harness and a Bison-specific aluminum hawse fairlead.

The ZR2 Bison Winch has been designed and tested for the Warn 9.5XP-S (sold separately).

Key Features:

  • Designed specifically for the 2019+ Colorado ZR2 Bison
  • OEM-validated part
  • Will NOT negatively affect cooling efficiency
  • Anodized aluminum hawse fairlead
  • Conveniently located, under-hood solenoid mounting bracket
  • Custom wiring harness included
  • Designed for the Warn 9.5xp-s winch


Difficulty Level:

Installation Guides:

AEV30350AD BisonWinch_WARN


Product FAQs

What model winch fits in the ZR2 Bison front bumper?

The Bison front bumper is designed to accommodate a Warn 9.5xp-s.

Can I use a different winch model than the two you recommend?

No. Due to the front-end crash safety and strict cooling requirements, the only two winches that are compatible with this bumper are the Warn 9.5xp-s and ComeUp 9.5rs Slim (available through GM) winches.

Why does the winch sit so low in the bumper?

That is primarily due to the very strict cooling requirements of the ZR2. Airflow to the ZR2 Bison’s radiator cannot be obstructed in any way, without compromising the effectiveness of the OE cooling system.

Will this also work on the regular ZR2 bumper?

No. This will only work with the ZR2 Bison front bumper.

Can you install a winch in the Bison bumper without this kit?

No. This kit gives you all the components you need to safely mount a winch inside your ZR2 Bison’s front bumper. Installing a winch without this kit is extremely dangerous and may cause severe injury or death.

I can’t see the winch after it is installed, so how do I use the winch?

Well, we planned in advance for that…we remotely mount the winch’s solenoid pack underneath the hood for easy access to the plug. Additionally, we designed the Bison’s front bumper skid plate to provide enough access to engage/disengage the winch’s clutch lever by hand.

Do I need to use a synthetic winch line?

YES, you absolutely need to use a synthetic winch line. A traditional steel cable will destroy the aluminum fairlead when being pulled in under load, while also damaging the cable itself.

live in a state with a front license plate, do you have a license plate relocation kit available?

We are currently working on a solution for customers who want to install a winch in their truck, but live in a state that requires a front license plate.