Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate for 2015-2022 Colorado/ZR2

ZR2 Bison Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate


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AEV’s Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate is standard equipment on the ZR2 Bison (3.6L V6 only) to protect the vulnerable exhaust crossover pipe when navigating technical terrain. This skid plate can be added to any 2015-2022 Colorado/ZR2 with the 3.6L V6 engine (2019+ models are no drill).

During ZR2 Bison vehicle development, we found that the Colorado’s exhaust crossover pipe was susceptible to trail damage, potentially leading to a costly repair or complete replacement of the catalytic converter assembly. 

Features an OEM two-stage, corrosion resistant coating and is proudly made in the USA.

Key Features:

  • 2015-2022 Colorado/ZR2 ( no drill on 2019+ trucks)
  • Standard content on the ZR2 Bison (gas trucks only)
  • Designed to protect exhaust crossover pipe
  • OEM two-stage, corrosion resistant coating
  • Uniquely shape to prevent debris from getting trapped around the exhaust


Difficulty Level:
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools
  • Drill

Installation Guides:

AEV Exhaust Skid for Colorado Installation Guide

P.S. Skid 2.5 Frame Drill Template

Product FAQs

If this is a skid plate, why is it not solid?

The Bison Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate is not solid like the rest of our skid plates because the tubular design protects the exhaust/catalytic converter assembly without allowing debris to become trapped around the exhaust, creating a potential fire hazard.

Will this skid plate fit my non-Bison Colorado or ZR2?

Yes. While this skid plate was designed specifically for the ZR2 Bison, it will fit other 2015+ Colorado models (3.6L V6 gas engines only) as well. 2019+ Colorado models even have the holes pre-drilled from the factory!

Did you do any real world testing?

Yes, the Bison was developed and tested on some of the most iconic 4wd trails in the United States where under body protection is a requirement if you want to get home under your own power. On the other side of the 4WD spectrum, our skid plates can also be found on the Hall Racing ZR2 that competes in the Best in the Desert off-road racing series.

Why is this skid plate, not manufactured our of hot stamped boron steel like the other Bison skid plates?

Hot stamped boron steel is a great material to use for skid plates due to its high strength to weight ratio and resistance to gouging, but it was not the best solution for the exhaust crossover because of the unique design necessary to prevent debris from being trapped around the exhaust, while still providing protection from being crushed.

Where are your skid plates manufactured?

All of the ZR2 Bison's skid plates are proudly manufactured in the USA.