4" DualSport Suspension - SC For 2013-18 Ram 1500 4WD Rebel and Air Ride

Ram 1500 4″ DualSport Suspension – SC for Rebel and Air Ride

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AEV’s 4-inch DualSport Suspension for Rebel and Air Ride equipped Rams maintains the outstanding features and function of the stock Air Ride suspension for Ram 1500 —all while increasing ground clearance off-road, preserving excellent handling on pavement, and making room for larger tires. As with every AEV DualSport Suspension, AEV has invested countless hours of development time and OE-level testing to innovate the highest quality aftermarket lift kit for Ram 1500’s Air Ride IFS suspension.

AEV components seamlessly integrate with the high-performance IFS Air Ride found on 2013-18 Ram 1500/Rebel models, retaining the OE front air struts and rear airbags to preserve factory ride quality and automatic/manual height adjustment functionality. Suspension steering and geometry are maintained and enhanced on the lifted vehicle with AEV’s innovative military grade A206 T4 aluminum tall steering knuckle and CNC aluminum front driveshaft spacer, rear geometry correction and upper control arm brackets, and custom-tuned Bilstein 5100 rear shocks. Vital undercarriage protection on rocky trails comes from a four mm-thick contoured stamped steel skid plate.

For maximum performance, AEV recommends 35” tires and aftermarket wheels (see specs below) for the Ram 1500 Rebel & Air Ride suspension system. Add the optional AEV ProCal Module, which adjusts the vehicle’s speedometer when running larger-than-stock tires.

Product Features:

  • Fits 2013-18 Ram 1500 4WD w/ Air Ride Suspension (includes Rebel)
  • Optimized suspension and steering geometry for improved ride quality and handling
  • Military Grade A206 T4 Cast Aluminum Tall Steering Knuckles
  • 4mm thick stamped steel skid plate for maximum protection and ground clearance
  • AEV-tuned Bilstein 5100 series rear shocks
  • OE Automatic/manual ride-height functionality is retained
  • Optional AEV ProCal Module sold separately

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Tech Specs:

2013-18 Ram 1500 4WD w/ Air Ride Suspension (incl. Rebel)
Recommended Tire Size:
35x12.50 (or equivalent)
Recommended Wheel:
18x8.5 w/ 5.32" backspacing or 20x9" w/ 5.25" back spacing
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
10-12 hours

Installation Guides:

AEV 4" DualSport Suspension SC for Ram 1500 Air Ride and Rebel Installation Guide

Product FAQs

Is it ok to lift a truck with electric steering?

Yes, if it is done right. AEV’s suspension system maintains OE steering geometry to ensure that there is no additional stress on the electric steering box. 

If I want to lease a truck, is this suspension something that can be taken off prior to the truck being turned in?

Yes! AEV designed this suspension system to minimize the amount of permanent modifications being done to the truck. Only one hole is lost during the installation process.  

What is the purpose of the front skid plate?

AEV designed the front skid plate to not only provide protection, but to also serve as an integral part of the suspension system. On 2013-17 Ram 1500 trucks, the front differential is mounted to the engine mounts. While this is perfectly acceptable in stock form, this is not ideal for a lifted application. AEV relocates the front differential from the engine mounts to the chassis by way of the skid plate, allowing for much more favorable CV angles. Additionally, AEV’s skid plate is stamped out of 4mm thick steel. The stamping process not only strengthens the steel but also allows for a more precise fit without hard angles, maximizing front axle ground clearance.

Why does AEV retain the factory air struts and air springs?

AEV retains the factory air struts and air springs to provide the best possible ride quality and payload capacity for your specific truck.

Many other aftermarket suspension systems use steel or iron steering knuckles. Why does AEV use an aluminum steering knuckle?

The factory steering knuckles are aluminum for a reason – to limit unsprung weight. AEV utilizes A206 T4 aluminum steering knuckles which are a much higher grade than the OE steering knuckles but do not add all the extra weight of steel or iron steering knuckles. This weight reduction translates into better ride quality and handling. 

Will my speedometer be off after I install larger tires?

Yes, but don't worry - AEV's  optional ProCal Module will properly calibrate your speedometer after installing larger tires

How long does it take to install this suspension system?

An experienced shop or mechanic should be able to install this suspension in 10-12 hours.

Does this suspension system require any exhaust or driveline modifications?

No, the AEV DualSport Suspension does not require any exhaust or driveline modifications.

Can I reuse my factory 20” wheels?

No, this suspension system is not compatible with ANY Ram 1500 OE wheel.

What is the biggest tire I can install with this suspension system?

We recommend a 35x12.50 (or metric equivalent) tire, mounted on 18" or larger aftermarket wheels

Why does the AEV 4” DualSport Suspension System only lift my truck 2.75” in the rear?
The rear is lifted 2.75” to remove some of the Ram 1500’s factory rake, which makes the rear sit considerably higher than the front.