Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets For JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator

JL & Gladiator Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets


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After pioneering Geometry Correction Brackets back in 2010, AEV has raised the bar again with the industry’s first Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets. Designed to correct the front-end control arm geometry on vehicles with 2-4.5” of suspension lift, the AEV Jeep Wrangler & Gladiator stamped geometry correction brackets improve ride quality by eliminating front axle ‘precession’ caused by uncorrected suspension lift geometry. The corrected motion allows the front tires to move up and rearward (as they did on the stock vehicle) in response to a bump rather than trying to ‘lunge’ over it. Additionally, they dramatically reduce front-end ‘dive’ during hard braking by relocating the ‘virtual instant center’ of the front suspension. They also provide alignment correction for proper tracking by restoring caster angle without the need for cam bolts or different/adjustable arms, plus a slight reduction in maximum front driveshaft angle during suspension travel.

The stamping process provides improved strength while reducing weight, and the new keyed square caster blocks allow for easy “set it and forget it” adjustments rather than round cam bolts that can slip and require special fasteners.

AEV’s Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets are compatible with both JL Wrangler and Gladiator and are included standard with AEV’s 2.5” DualSport RT Suspension System for JL Wrangler. These brackets can be added as an option to AEV’s 2” Spacer Lift, in addition to other brand suspension systems that also retain the OE front control arms.

Key Features

  • Fits Jeep Gladiator / JL Wrangler with 2-4.5” of suspension lift
  • 50ksi traditional stamped carbon steel 
  • Optimizes front control arm geometry
  • Eliminates the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction
  • Easy “set it and forget it” caster adjustments
  • Decreases the operating angle of the front driveshaft
  • Made in the USA
  • Reduced brake-dive and improved impact-response

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Tech Specs:

Manufactured In:
United States
2020+ Jeep Gladiator, 2018+ JL Wrangler
California Prop 65 Warning


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Installation Guides:

AEV Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets Installation Guide

Product FAQs

How much lift will these geometry correction brackets work with?

The JL/Gladiator Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets will work with 2-4.5” of suspension lift. They’re optimized to achieve target OEM caster at 2-4” lift height. At 4.5” the caster will be slightly lower than the OEM target, but still within factory specification

Would aftermarket control arms be a better upgrade?

Not necessarily - If you plan on using your Jeep as a daily driver or dual purpose adventure vehicle, it’s hard to beat the JL/Gladiator factory control arms for durability and quality. They aren’t like the stock control arms from 20 years ago. The JL/Gladiator OE control arms are quite strong and utilize very high quality bushings. Our Geometry Correction Brackets optimize the approach angle of the the OE front control arms and change the location of instant center to create a significant anti-dive quality under hard braking - something that aftermarket control arms cannot do.

Can I combine these with adjustable control arms?

These are designed around OEM fixed-length control arms. They can be used with some aftermarket or adjustable arms providing they retain the same bushing width and bolt size as OEM, but will likely require additional alignment work to ensure proper caster is retained. Depending on lift height, if the aftermarket control arms are significantly longer than stock it may be impossible to achieve proper caster.

What is different about these versus the JK Geometry Correction Brackets?

These feature different hole locations and geometry from JK, are 1 piece welded assemblies for improved strength and simpler install, and are stamped out of high strength carbon steel for increased strength and reduced weight.


Do I need these with the 2” JL Spacer Lift?

They are not required, but are a great addition to the lift!

How can these brackets adjust caster?

Our Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets feature keyed square caster blocks built in to allow for easy “set it and forget it” adjustments rather than round cam bolts that can slip and require special fasteners. 

Where are these manufactured?

AEV’s Geometry Correction Brackets are proudly made in the USA.