2.5"-3" DualSport XP Suspension System for 2019+ Jeep Gladiator JT

2.5″ – 3″ DualSport XP Suspension for 2019+ Gladiator JT



AEV first introduced OE-level suspension engineering to the aftermarket over a decade ago. We are still continuing to build on that legacy today, while also broadening our spectrum of suspension performance with the introduction of our DualSport XP Suspension Kit for the Jeep Gladiator.

The DualSport XP Formula

The Gladiator’s factory suspension (especially on Rubicon) is very soft, lightly damped and has a very low suspension frequency. This “soft tuning” helps the Gladiator drive “less like a truck” and soak up the bumps on the highway decently well but that can also make the handling feel a bit loose and sometimes uncontrolled. This is not a big deal for people who are just driving their Gladiator to and from work every day, but it is definitely not the ideal suspension formula for overland enthusiasts who also need to manage lots of cargo and gear when traveling off the grid.

As with all of AEV’s expedition-ready suspension systems, the DualSport Suspension for the Jeep Gladiator is FMVSS No. 126 Compliant. FMVSS No. 126 is a rigorous standard set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that tests new electronic stability control (ESC) systems by subjecting it to various maneuvers designed to evaluate its effectiveness in preventing loss of control and skidding, including evasive lane-changing maneuvers at highways speeds.

Our DualSport suspension systems are known for ride quality and its no exception for the Gladiator JT. Coil spring and shock tuning was essential on the Gladiator system to provide the optimal balance of load carrying capacity and ride quality that customers have come to expect from AEV. The DualSport XP Suspension Lift Kit for Jeep Gladiator JT includes a set of our frequency-tuned, triple-rate coil springs to provide 2.5-3” of additional front and rear ride height.

Standard Load vs High Capacity

Customers can now fine tune their Jeep Gladiator JT DualSport XP Suspension Lift Kit even further by choosing one of two available coil spring options:

2.5” Standard Load Coil Springs are optimized for an AEV-spec Gladiator with typical gear/cargo inside. This means the ideal ride height, handling and overall performance will be achieved on a vehicle with steel bumpers, winch, full-size spare and recovery gear (+0-400 lbs. over factory weight).

3” High Capacity Coil Springs are specifically designed for overland enthusiasts who have a fully outfitted vehicle that is also consistently loaded with heavier gear (+400-700 lbs. over the standard load spring), such as modular cargo systems or roof rack/rooftop tent combinations*

These coil springs are then paired with a set of AEV-tuned, 66mm (2.6″) Bilstein 8100 series reservoir shocks for improved performance and consistency over rough terrain at higher speeds. The AEV/Bilstein coil spring and shock combination used in this suspension increases both up travel and down travel, while also providing better articulation and improved off-road speed potential and bottoming control. Even when towing, the suspension feels stable, planted, and confidence inspiring.

We then optimized the Gladiator’s front and rear suspension geometry throughout the entire range of motion, tightening up the handling and road feel, resulting in a great ride and performance without introducing harshness or driver fatigue. In the front, a pair of AEV’s heavy duty, stamped control arm geometry correction brackets are included for improved ride quality and reduced nose-dive under hard braking. A rear track bar tower extension is included to raise the rear roll center, reduce body-roll and generate a better turn-in response. Extended length front and rear sway bar end links compensate for the additional lift height, while new front and rear bump stop spacers improve bumper/axle contact under full articulation and jounce. Due to this suspension system’s lower lift height, there is no need to swap out any of the OE track bars, control arms or steering components.

– Exceeding GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and/or RGAWR (Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating) will cause changes in the vehicle’s braking, steering and overall handling performance. AEV never recommends exceeding GVWR/RGAWR.

– All maximum tire size recommendations are derived from AEV’s product development process using AEV wheels and BFGoodrich tires.  AEV products are designed, developed and tested specifically to work with other AEV products. Mixing aftermarket or factory components with AEV components may cause interference/tire rubbing at full jounce or full lock.

Please Note: This suspension is NOT compatible with Mojave models. 

Please Note: AEV XP8100 Shocks are NOT compatible with the Gen 1 AEV RX Front Bumpers that were installed on some early JL350/370 conversions. If you are unsure of what generation bumper you have, please contact our Sales Team at (248) 926-0256 for further assistance. To clarify, this does not apply to Gen 2 (current model) AEV RX Front Bumpers.

Key Features:

  • FMVSS No.126 Compliant
  • Available with standard load or high capacity coil springs
  • Frequency-tuned, triple rate coil springs and specific shock tuned for the best possible ride quality and handling
  • XP8100 Reservoir Shocks are owner rebuildable
  • Bilstein billet reservoir mounts included with system
  • Proudly made in the USA and features AEV’s Lifetime Warranty

Product Video

Tech Specs:

2019+ Jeep Gladiator (Excluding Mojave)
Kit Contents:
AEV 2.5" Progressive Rate Front Coil Springs (Standard Capacity), AEV 2.5" Progressive Rate Rear Coil Springs (Standard Capacity), AEV 3.0" Progressive Rate Front Coil Springs (High Capacity), AEV 3.0" Progressive Rate Rear Coil Springs (High Capacity), AEV Jack Base, AEV ProCal SNAP, AEV Stamped Control Arm Geometry Correction Brackets, AEV-Tuned Bilstein 8100 Reservoir Shock Absorbers, Front Bump Stop Extensions, Front Sway Bar End Links, Passenger Side Coil Spring Shim, Rear Bump Stop Extensions, Rear Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Spacer, Rear Sway Bar End Links w/ Relocation Brackets, Rear track bar tower
Maximum Recommended Tire Sizes:
Sport/Overland (North America): 35×12.50R17, Rubicon (North America): 37×12.50R17, Sport/Overland/Rubicon (Export): 35×12.50R17
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
5-6 Hours
Required Tools:
  • Basic Standard and Metric Hand Tools
  • Torque Wrench
  • Jack and Jack Stands

Installation Guides:

AEV 2.5" - 3" DualSport Suspension for Jeep Gladiator Installation Guide

AEV XP8100 Installation Guide for Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator

AEV Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets Installation Guide

AEV ProCal SNAP for JL & JT User Guide

Product FAQs

What are the advantages of the DualSport XP Suspension System over the DualSport RT Suspension System?

Thanks to the AEV-tuned Bilstein XP8100 shocks we include in this kit, the biggest advantage of the DualSport XP Suspension System is how the suspension performs off-road, especially when traveling at higher speeds over rough terrain. Due to the reservoir and increased fluid capacity, heat is better managed and improves impact control. These shocks are designed with the adventure traveler in mind, they also pair exceptionally well with our High Capacity Coil Springs on heavier vehicles. You will also notice an improvement in ride quality on the road over the DualSport RT Suspension, most notably on heavier vehicles. Aside from the XP8100 shocks, the rest of the components are the same as our DualSport RT Suspension.

How do I know if I would benefit from the High Capacity Coil Springs or not?

High Capacity AEV Coil Springs are specifically designed for overland enthusiasts who have a vehicle outfitted with steel bumpers, winch, full-size spare, etc., but are also consistently loaded with even heavier gear (+400-700 lbs.), such as modular cargo systems, roof rack/rooftop tent combinations, or in-bed campers.

In contrast, our Standard Load Coil Springs are designed for vehicles outfitted with steel bumpers, winch, full-size spare, etc., but are not loaded with even heavier gear such as modular cargo systems or roof rack/rooftop tent combinations.

What type of wheels can I run with this suspension?

Wide track axles (Rubicon and Sport Max Tow in North America) can run any AEV wheels (+25 JL/JT or +10 JK). Narrow track(non-Rubicon) should run +10mm JK wheels to prevent rubbing during articulation

What makes AEV DualSport Suspension Systems perform so well on the road and the trail?

In simple terms: OE-style tuning. At AEV, suspension development is about more than just adding lift height, lots of articulation, or flashy-looking components. It’s about bringing OE-level suspension engineering to the aftermarket to create a true do-anything “dual sport” suspension system – one that is both extremely capable off-road, while offering unparalleled on-road performance and handling.

I have heavy front and rear aftermarket bumpers. Does this mean I will get less lift?

We design our suspension systems to reflect the curb weight of a fully outfitted AEV Jeep. This includes a front winch bumper, winch, rear bumper, tire carrier and a larger spare tire. Ultimately, the weight of your vehicle will influence your final lift height and this could vary by +/- ½-inch or more.

Will this suspension make my Jeep sit level?

AEV designed this suspension system to provide a +2.5-3” front and rear curb height gain, depending on spring choice. However, we do maintain the factory rake to compensate for heavier loads and to maintain a more level stance when the vehicle is loaded up with passengers and gear.

What is the biggest tire size I can fit with this suspension?

AEV was able package up to a 37x12.50 tire on models with the OE high clearance fender flares (North American Rubicon) and up to a 35x12.50 on models with the standard height OE fender flares (North American Sport/Sahara), when using AEV’s Gladiator wheels.

Please remember that AEV products are designed, developed and tested specifically to work with other AEV products. Mixing aftermarket or factory components with AEV components may cause interference/tire rubbing at full jounce or full lock. All maximum tire size recommendations are derived from AEV’s product development process using AEV wheels and BFGoodrich tires. 

Why does AEV not include adjustable control arms?

AEV's Stamped Geometry Correction Brackets are included to improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges), increase anti-dive for improved braking performance, decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft, and allow for "set it and forget it" caster correction.   

Will this suspension give me “death wobble”?

No, but it is good to be aware that due to a host of variables, Gladiators have been known to exhibit tire shimmy (death wobble) and it can be exacerbated by larger tires and tire balance issues. We strongly recommend using quality tires like BFGoodrich or tires of similar/less weight and having them professionally mounted and balanced on quality wheels.

How long does the installation take? Can I do it myself?

The suspension install should take approximately 5-6 hours from start to finish (depending on skill level) and using common hand tools.

What is the ProCal SNAP?

The ProCal SNAP is a simple, electronic recalibration module that plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port. It utilizes the stereo’s audio equalizer to input the numerical values for your new tire size- saving you time and money by not having to make a trip to the dealership for speedometer recalibration. The ProCal SNAP also has the ability to recalibrate for axle gear ratio as well as transfer case gear ratio changes.

Why does AEV include a Jack Base with this suspension?

AEV’s Gladiator Jack Base is included for added safety and stability when changing a 35” and taller tire with the factory scissor jack.

What is the Warranty?

The DualSport XP Suspension System carries AEV’s Lifetime Warranty