Steering Damper Upgrade for JL Wrangler & Gladiator

AEV Steering Damper Upgrade


PN: NJL10100AA

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The AEV Steering Damper for JL Wrangler/Gladiator is an upgrade over the OEM steering damper and is designed specifically for vehicles with suspension lifts and larger tires. Developed in partnership with Bilstein USA, the AEV Steering Damper offers a significant improvement in both steering and handling because it is more efficient at dampening minute movements and vibrations that are often amplified in vehicles with larger tires.

The AEV Steering Damper is recommended for anyone with a 2” AEV Spacer Lift or 2.5” AEV DualSport RT Suspension System but is also the ideal solution for anyone looking to upgrade the problematic OEM damper found on these vehicles. This Jeep JL Wrangler/Gladiator Steering Damper is painted dark gray metallic to match the Bilstein 5100 shocks that are included in our 2.5″ DualSport RT Suspension System.

  • Direct Fit Upgrade for JL/Gladiator
  • Ideal for stock or lifted vehicles
  • Improves steering and handling
  • AEV-exclusive dark metallic gray finish
  • No modifications necessary


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
30 minutes

Installation Guides:

Steering Damper Upgrade Installation Guide

Product FAQs

Will the AEV Steering Stabilizer fit all JL Wrangler/Gladiator models?

Yes, this Steering Stabilizer will fit all current models, including RHD variants.

What suspension systems is this Steering Stabilizer compatible with?

The AEV Steering Stabilizer is a fantastic upgrade even for JL/Gladiator owners who intend to keep their suspension stock. It is also compatible with both our 2” Spacer Lift and 2.5” DualSport RT Suspension System, along with any aftermarket suspension system that retains the OEM steering stabilizer.

Are dual steering stabilizers better than a single?

There are many schools of thought on this but in our opinion, no. A single steering stabilizer is more than enough for a JL/Gladiator on 37” tires, so having two is really more for the look. Additionally, some dual steering stabilizers can have a negative effect on how much effort it takes to turn the wheel and the amount of feedback felt by the driver.

Does this Steering Stabilizer have a different mounting location or orientation?

No, this is a direct-fit replacement for the OEM steering stabilizer.

What is the warranty?

This product is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Bilstein warrants to the original purchaser that products from one of these categories will be free from defects in design, material, and workmanship for a period of two years (for details, please see the Bilstein Warranty Promise here).