In-Bed Winch Cradle Carrier for 2015-22 Colorado


PN: 18060018AA

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The AEV Bed-Mounted Warn Winch Cradle Carrier is the perfect storage solution for 2015-22 Colorado owners using an AEV Front Receiver with a Warn Multi-Mount Winch Carrier and who need a secure spot to mount their cradle when not being used. A winch and cradle carrier are HEAVY, so having it securely mounted is extremely important, both on and off-road.

The Bed-Mounted Warn Winch Cradle Carrier sits at the forwardmost part of the bed and is mounted vertically above the wheel well, to reduce its impact on cargo space. Designed with ease of use in mind, the winch cradle sits upright on one end so it can simply be “rocked” in and out of its locked position, without any chance of dropping it on your bed or on your foot. There is even a spot to thread in the star knob, so it does not get lost when the cradle is in use.

Please note: AEV designed this product for a Warn Multi-Mount Winch Carrier #89990. Other brand winch cradles may also fit if it follows the same shape and dimensions.

  • Fits 2015-2022 Colorado/Canyon
  • Secure, in-bed mounting for a Warn Multi-Mount Winch Carrier
  • User-friendly design
  • Will not interfere with bed rack systems
  • Proudly made in the USA


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
1.5 Hours
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools
  • Drill
  • 1/2" Drill Bit
  • 5/16" Drill Bit
  • Center Punch
  • Deburring Tool
  • Rust Preventative such as Permatex Rust Treatment

Product FAQs

Will this fit with a “brand x” winch cradle?

We designed this In-Bed Carrier for the Warn #89990 Multi-Mount Winch Carrier because that is the brand/model that we use on our AEV ZR2 vehicle builds. It may work with other brands as well but there are too many out there for us to test fit and verify.

Will a tonneau cover work with the In-Bed Winch Cradle Carrier?

A tonneau cover will work with the Winch Cradle Carrier when no Winch Cradle is mounted in the Carrier. Once a Winch Cradle is mounted, it will stick up above the bed rails, preventing the use of a tonneau cover.

How hard is it to take the winch cradle on and off the In-Bed Winch Cradle Carrier?

It is a very user-friendly design. With the winch cradle standing vertically on end, it can essentially be “rocked” in and out of the carrier. The winch cradle is held in place with a threaded star knob, which can be threaded back into the carrier when the winch is being used.