Front Receiver for 2021-2022 Colorado ZR2

2021-2022 Colorado ZR2 Front Receiver


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The 2021 facelift of the Chevy Colorado ZR2 looks great but certainly presents a few challenges for anyone who has plans on adding a winch to their truck. The updated one-piece fascia on the 2021-2022 ZR2 can’t be modified enough for an integrated winch mount to fit behind it without compromising structural integrity, leaving customers with basically one option – replace the front bumper.

The AEV Front Mount Receiver Hitch for the 2021-2022 Colorado ZR2 is a simple solution for customers who want to add a winch but do not want to replace the front bumper. With the AEV Front Mount Receiver Hitch installed, ZR2 owners will have the ability to use any winch/cradle combo they wish for a convenient and flexible self-recovery setup. This flexibility is idea for customers who prefer higher speed desert running vs. slow speed rock crawling, since it will keep the extra 100lbs +/- from the winch off the front end of the truck. 

The AEV Front Mount Receiver Hitch attaches directly to the front frame rails and is designed to fit behind the front fascia, without having to perform any major modifications. Additionally, a Front Receiver gives you the flexibility to use your winch in either the front or rear of the vehicle, provided the truck is equipped with a trailer hitch and front/rear quick connect wiring is installed in each position (available from Warn here).  

Installation requires only minor modification to the lower part of the front fascia to allow access to the 2” square receiver. Any brand winch/winch cradle will work with the AEV Front Receiver BUT it must be rated appropriately for the vehicle (we recommend a winch rated for at least 9,000 lbs.). A Colorado-specific In-Bed Winch Cradle Carrier is also available from AEV to securely store your winch and cradle when not in use.

  • Fits 2021-2022 Colorado ZR2
  • Frame-mounted, front 2” receiver
  • Accepts any slide-in winch cradle
  • Allows for front and rear winching options
  • AEV In-Bed Winch Cradle Carrier sold separately
  • Trim bezel included for a professional looking installation
  • Proudly made in the USA

Tech Specs:

Zinc, E-coat
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
2 Hours
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools
  • Air Saw or Cut Off Wheel

Installation Guides:

AEV 2021+ Colorado ZR2 Winch Mount Installation Guide

Product FAQs

Is it recommended to remove the winch cradle when not in use?

Absolutely. We do not recommend driving around on the road for extended periods of time with your winch cradle in place.

How do I store my winch cradle when it is not being used?

We recommend using the AEV Colorado In-Bed Winch Cradle Carrier to safely store your winch cradle when not in use. A winch cradle can become a dangerous object if not properly secured to your vehicle.

Why did AEV opt for a front receiver to hold a winch instead of a hidden winch mount, like the 2017-20 ZR2?

When the Colorado ZR2 received a face-lift for the 2021 model year, it presented a few challenges for installing a winch mount without completely removing the fascia for steel bumper. Since the new, one-piece fascia was not able to be modified without losing structural rigidity, so we opted for a front receiver. 

Will this front receiver work on both gas and diesel trucks?

Yes, it is compatible with both trucks!

Is there a certain winch cradle that I need to buy?

No! That is one of the advantages to a setup like this. You can use virtually any 9,000+ lbs. winch that fits in a class III (2”) winch cradle. You can either purchase these two components separately or some manufacturers will sell them as a complete kit with front and rear wiring included (highly recommended).

How do I get power to my winch if it cannot be wired directly to the battery?

Many winch manufacturers sell quick disconnect plugs for your power/ground. These plugs can be wired to the front or rear of the vehicle (or both!) to allow for multiple recovery options. We recommend the Warn #32966 Quick Connect Power Cable Kit available here:

So, if I get this, is it possible to use a winch in the front AND rear of my truck?

Yes! That is the #1 reason people opt for a setup like this. With a Front Receiver, you are able to move the winch from the front or rear of the truck, provided it is equipped with a trailer hitch and electronic quick connect plugs.