Light Bar Mounting Kit for 2019-22 Colorado ZR2 Bison

Light Bar Mounting Kit for 2019-22 Colorado ZR2 Bison


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AEV’s Light Bar Mounting Kit for the 2019-22 Colorado ZR2 Bison replaces the universal mounting brackets that are supplied with the 20″ Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bar. These brackets compensate for the profile of the Colorado ZR2’s Front Bumper Center Section (both OEM and AEV Low Tube variants), ensuring the Colorado ZR2 light bar is positioned for optimal performance. This is the same mount used on AEV ZR2 Bison turn-key vehicle conversions.

Please Note: Drilling is required for installation. These light brackets may also fit other brand lights that also use a similar mounting configuration as the Baja Designs S8.


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Product FAQs

My light bar came with brackets, why do I need these?

Technically, you don't need them...however, if you want to install an LED Light Bar on your ZR2 Bison's Front Bumper you may find that the supplied brackets don't compensate for the sloped surface of the ZR2 Bison's stamped steel Center Section. 

That was the was the problem we faced when we began building our AEV ZR2 Bison upfit conversions. All the "off-the-shelf" light brackets we experimented with fit ok but not as well as we really wanted them to, so we began producing these brackets for consistency and the best fit and finish.  

Will this fit other Colorado models?

No, these brackets are designed specifically for the 2019-22 Colorado ZR2 Bison. They WILL NOT fit the standard ZR2 front bumper. 

What light bars are these brackets compatible with?

We use the 20" Baja Designs S8 Light Bar on our AEV ZR2 Bison upfit conversions, so that is the light bar we designed it for. These brackets may also fit other models or brands if they have a similar mounting configuration. 

Is the ZR2 Bison's Front Bumper pre-drilled?

These light brackets actually install on to the center section of the bumper. Neither the OEM (silver) or AEV's Low Tube Center Sections are pre-drilled, so drilling two holes will be required. Fortunately, both Center Sections are traditional stamped steel (not hot stamped), so they are much easier to drill through. 

How do I install these brackets?

You are essentially just replacing the mounting brackets that are supplied with your light bar, so it's a very simple install...

1.) Install the AEV Light Bar Mounting Brackets on to the the Baja Designs S8 Light Bar (sold separately).

2.) Center the Light Bar on the Center Section of the Front Bumper. Mark your holes. 

3.) Drill two holes in the Center Section and use the hardware that is supplied with your light bar to complete the installation.