2" Spacer Lift 2019+ Jeep Gladiator

2″ Spacer Lift for Gladiator


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AEV’s 2-Inch Spacer Lift is a feature packed solution for Jeep Gladiator owners looking to add larger tires and improve ground clearance without having to replace their factory coil springs and shocks. The AEV 2-Inch Spacer Lift for Jeep Gladiator includes unique front and rear polyurethane coil spacers with integrated isolators and locating tabs, front and rear bump stop extensions, extended length front and rear sway bar end links, front and rear shock extension brackets and a driveshaft carrier bearing spacer. AEV even goes one step further and takes care of the electronics by including a ProCal SNAP for painless speedometer recalibration!

This 2″ Spacer Lift has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with the Jeep Gladiator’s OEM suspension system, minimizing the amount of parts you need to replace. Shock extension brackets allow the factory shocks to be used, which are often superior to many of the aftermarket shocks included with similar systems in this price range. New Front and Rear Sway Bar End Links have been extended to ensure bind-free functionality.

AEV’s ProCal SNAP is a simple, electronic recalibration module that plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port. It utilizes the stereo’s audio equalizer to input the numerical values for your new tire size- saving you time and money by not having to make a trip to the dealership for speedometer recalibration. The ProCal SNAP will also recalibrate for axle gear ratio, transfer case gear ratio changes and TPMS threshold.

AEV’s 2-Inch Spacer Lift for Jeep Gladiator provides a more aggressive appearance and without sacrificing the comfortable factory ride quality that drivers have come to appreciate in modern day Jeeps, like the Gladiator. Proudly made in the USA and backed by AEV’s Lifetime Warranty.

Maximum recommended tire sizes*

  • Sport/Sahara (North America): 35×12.50R17
  • Rubicon/Mojave (North America): 37×12.50R17
  • Sport/Sahara/Rubicon (Export): 35×12.50R17


Please Note: This kit does not fit Gladiator Mojave models. AEV products are designed, developed and tested specifically to work with other AEV products. Mixing aftermarket or factory components with AEV components may cause interference/tire rubbing at full jounce or full lock. All maximum tire size recommendations are derived from AEV’s product development process using AEV wheels and BFGoodrich tires.

Key Features:

  • Fits LHD & RHD models (except Mojave!)
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Utilizes factory Gladiator shocks
  • AEV quality at an economical price
  • Accommodates up to a 37″ tall tire*
  • INCLUDES ProCal SNAP for easy speedometer recalibration!
  • AEV Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA


*Aftermarket wheels/wheel spacers are required. Minor trimming may also be required.

Tech Specs:

Kit Contents:
Front Coil Spring Spacers, Front Bump Stop Extensions, Front Shock Extensions, Front Sway Bar End Links, Rear Sway Bar End Links, Rear Coil Spring Spacers, Rear Bump Stop Extensions, Rear Shock Extensions, Rear Coil Spring Spacers, Carrier Bearing Spacer, ProCal SNAP Speedometer Recalibration Module
2019+ Jeep Gladiator (Excluding Mojave)
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
4 Hours
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands

Installation Guides:

AEV 2" Spacer Kit for JT Gladiator Installation Guide

AEV ProCal Harness for JL Installation Guide

AEV ProCal SNAP for JL & JT User Guide

Product FAQs

Why would I want a spacer lift over a full suspension system?

A spacer lift is an economical alternative for anyone looking to add larger tires for a more aggressive look but does not intend on doing much technical off-roading or need any additional load capability. A spacer lift will perform much like the factory suspension both on and off the road, which on a Gladiator is quite impressive!

There are a ton of spacer lifts on the market, what makes the AEV Spacer Lift unique?

We paid very close attention to the coil spring spacers themselves. We designed the coil spring spacer to feature an integrated isolator and locating tabs to ensure that the coil  spring is properly indexed. Additionally, AEV's Spacer Lift INCLUDES a ProCal SNAP electronic speedometer recalibration module. This easy to use module plugs into the OBD diagnostic port and allows the user to adjust tire size, axle gear ratio and even transfer case gear ratio directly through the vehicle's stereo equalizer! This saves you both time and money, when compared to making a trip to the dealership for a speedometer recalibration. The AEV 2" Spacer Lift is hands-down, the most hassle-free way to add larger tires to your Gladiator.

Will this fit a Gladiator Mojave?

This kit WILL NOT but we do have a Mojave-specific kit available and it is a fantastic solution for customers who are happy with the performance of their performance-oriented suspension package but wish to run a 35" or 37" tire. Click here to go to that page: https://www.aev-conversions.com/product/mojave-spacer-lift/

Does this spacer lift fit right hand drive (RHD) Gladiator models?

Yes, our 2" Spacer Lift is designed to fit BOTH right and left hand drive Gladiators.

What is the ProCal SNAP?

The ProCal SNAP is a simple, electronic recalibration module that plugs into your vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port. It utilizes the stereo’s audio equalizer to input the numerical values for your new tire size- saving you time and money by not having to make a trip to the dealership for speedometer recalibration. The ProCal SNAP also has the ability to recalibrate for axle gear ratio as well as transfer case gear ratio changes.

Why do I not need to replace my shocks?

We have found that the OE shocks are actually higher quality and better performing than many of the entry level aftermarket shocks out there. For that reason, we felt that it was better to provide shock extension brackets that allow the OE shocks to be retained, rather than include an inferior aftermarket shock or make you source your own.

This 2" Spacer Lift works especially well with the Mojave's OEM performance suspension package and 37" tires.

What size tire can I fit with the spacer lift?

We recommend up to a 37" tall tire on models with the high clearance fender flare option (the North American Rubicon for example) and up to a 35" tire on models with the standard fender flare option. Aftermarket wheels, wheel spacers and/or minor trimming may be necessary depending on what wheel & tire combination you are planning to install on your Wrangler. AEV's JL/Gladiator specific wheels or aftermarket wheels with a similar backspacing/offset are recommended.

Does this fit all trim levels and models?

This spacer lift is designed for all Gladiator trim levels, as well as international/RHD models - EXCEPT MOJAVE!

How many hours will it take me to install this lift? Will I need any special tools?

Installation time is approximately 3 hours, with no special tools required. We do recommend using jack stands and a floor jack for safety. 

Will your spacer lift give me death wobble?

No but it is good to be aware that due to a host of variables, Gladiators have been known to exhibit tire shimmy (death wobble) and it can be exacerbated by larger tires and tire balance issues.  We strongly recommend using quality tires like BFGoodrich or tires of similar/less weight and having them professionally mounted and balanced on quality wheels.  

What is the warranty?

The 2" Gladiator Spacer Lift carries AEV's Lifetime Warranty. This covers all of AEV's suspension related components as well as the ProCal SNAP.