Pintler Wheel for JL now available

New from AEV, the JL Pintler wheel! This wheel combines timeless styling with the innovative features and off-road strength that you’ve come to expect from AEV, however, this is not just another one-size-fits-all aftermarket Jeep wheel. AEV designed this wheel specifically for the JL Wrangler because despite sharing the same DNA as the JK Wrangler, many aspects of the latest generation Wrangler are quite different, so simply re-purposing a JK Jeep wheel was not the best solution. The JL Pintler’s unique offset (+25mm) works perfectly with the various OE fender flare variants and provides the optimal balance of tire clearance (5.78” backspacing), scrub radius and handling. Additionally, this wheel features a larger center cap bore for compatibility with the JL Wrangler’s OE backup camera and resized pockets for the larger factory lug nuts. Available in either an Onyx or paintable Matte Black finish.

JL Pintler Wheel