Borah Wheel for JL: Now Available

NEW AEV JL Wrangler Wheel! Dedicated JL Borah DualSport Wheel launches with optional Beadlock Ring application

Jeep JL wheel - JL Borah Wheel

As spring dawns across the northern hemisphere and the off-roading season ramps up, AEV is excited to launch the all-new JL Borah DualSport Wheel, the company’s first beadlock wheel for JL Wrangler.  AEV designers took inspiration for this wheel from the ruggedly beautiful country surrounding the Lost River Range and Borah Peak, the tallest mountain in Idaho and one of the most prominent in the contiguous United States. 

The JL Borah DualSport is a versatile wheel that can be purposed in three configurations. For daily driving customers can choose to run Borah wheels with no ring or with a Protection ring. Off-road adventurers can install the stoutly-engineered, fully-functional Beadlock Ring for wheeling in even the most extreme terrain. This wheel is designed specifically for the JL Wrangler, paying close attention to JL’s unique back spacing and center cap bore requirements.

Available Configuration Options and Uses

  • No Ring—The Borah DualSport is designed to have a seamless, finished, one-color look with no ring installed. In fact, customers can purchase the JL Borah wheel without rings and add the Protection Ring and/or the Beadlock Ring through separate purchase later. For the No Ring application AEV supplies black nylon hardware to prevent dirt and debris from building up inside the threaded bolt holes. This hardware can be easily removed later to accommodate installation of a Beadlock or Protection Ring.
  • Protection Ring—The Protection Ring is a non-functional cast-aluminum ring designed as a sacrificial part to protect the wheel from trail scratches while providing the same look as the Beadlock Ring. The Protection Ring installs very easily and comes with Grade 8.8 hardware; it is legally compliant both off-road and on the highway in all 50 U.S. states.
  • Beadlock Ring—The Borah DualSport Beadlock Ring is designed for maximum strength and off-road durability by utilizing 16 mm thick, forged aluminum in the ring construction and custom Grade 10.9 metric hardware for increased shear strength to meet the highest torque requirements feasible. While it may be safe and legal to run beadlock wheels on the highway in some U.S. states, AEV recommends that the Beadlock Ring be used for off-road purposes only. (See below for further discussion of Beadlock Ring installation, proper usage, safety, and legal compliance issues).

Advanced manufacturing, testing, and multiple finishes

Borah DualSport for JL measures 17” x 8.5” and is made of sturdy yet lightweight A356-T6 cast aluminum. Like all AEV wheels, the JL Borah is thoroughly tested to stringent DOT/SAE J2350 standards and is covered by AEV’s Lifetime Structural Warranty. This wheel accepts the OE lug nuts, is compatible with the Wrangler’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and features a valve stem recess to protect the tire valve from being torn off or damaged by an obstacle.

The JL Borah is available now in either an Onyx or Satin Black finish – Onyx/Machined, Galaxy Black and Galaxy Black/Machined are all coming soon! The optional Beadlock Ring and Protection ring are both available in a silver or onyx finish that can easily be painted for a truly customized appearance.

Pintler Wheel for JL now available

New from AEV, the JL Pintler wheel! This wheel combines timeless styling with the innovative features and off-road strength that you’ve come to expect from AEV, however, this is not just another one-size-fits-all aftermarket Jeep wheel. AEV designed this wheel specifically for the JL Wrangler because despite sharing the same DNA as the JK Wrangler, many aspects of the latest generation Wrangler are quite different, so simply re-purposing a JK Jeep wheel was not the best solution. The JL Pintler’s unique offset (+25mm) works perfectly with the various OE fender flare variants and provides the optimal balance of tire clearance (5.78” backspacing), scrub radius and handling. Additionally, this wheel features a larger center cap bore for compatibility with the JL Wrangler’s OE backup camera and resized pockets for the larger factory lug nuts. Available in either an Onyx or paintable Matte Black finish.

JL Pintler Wheel

AEV Deflator Tool makes “airing down” a painless task

In off-road and adventure driving, it is well-known that sandy, muddy, rocky, and snow-covered terrain can be more easily traversed when the vehicle’s tires are properly deflated. This ensures that more of the tire’s surface is able to grip difficult ground, allowing for better traction and control. For this reason drivers will take time to deflate their tires before hitting the trail.

And this may not be as easy—or as fast—as it sounds, especially with the larger tires often desired in off-road driving. Typically the operation is done by inserting a screwdriver or other implement into the tire’s valve stem to allow air to escape, with occasional stopping and checking to make sure proper pressure is reached. This can take a long time—several minutes per tire—time better served driving.

AEV now offers the best tool available anywhere for fast, accurate tire deflation before venturing off-road. Instead of depressing the valve stem, this corrosion resistant brass/steel Deflator Tool actually unscrews the core of the valve stem to allow air out quickly. Monitor the easy-to-read dial gauge until the desired pressure is reached and then screw the core back into the valve stem. The whole operation can be accomplished in less than two minutes per tire.

As for proper tire pressure to aim for, that depends on the terrain and whether or not your wheel has a beadlock ring installed. At AEV, for our standard Salta, Savegre, Pintler, and Borah wheels, we recommend airing down to about 12-15 psi when encountering dry dirt, muddy, or rocky trails. For sand and snow, air down further to 8-10 psi.

AEV’s Borah wheel also comes with an optional Beadlock Ring, which when properly installed allows for even further deflation without the risk of popping the bead of the tire from the wheel.

Please click here to the Product Page: AEV EZ Tire Deflator

AEV Ram ProCal now compatible with 2018 Ram trucks

The 2018 Ram ProCal Module: What a difference a year makes

As many of you know, our ProCal Module is a very popular, cost effective solution for re-calibrating your Jeep Wrangler or Ram truck. The beauty of the ProCal is it’s ease of use…simply turn the ignition to run, set your dip switches and plug the ProCal Module in your vehicle’s OBDII port. Well, earlier this year we discovered that it was not going to be quite that easy for 2018 Ram truck owners.

The 2018 Ram truck (light duty and heavy duty) has a new security feature that was implemented to prevent the OBD2 diagnostic port from being used for aftermarket recalibration tools and performance tuners. However, where there is a will there is a way and we figured out a way to bypass this security feature without making any permanent modifications to your truck.

The AEV ProCal Module for 2018 Ram trucks includes a supplemental harness kit that includes everything you need to safely bypasses this new security feature, allowing you to properly recalibrate your truck, instead of having to take it to a dealership and potentially being flagged for aftermarket modifications.

Installation is plug and play and takes only minutes to complete. In fact, you can check out a quick installation video we put together {here} to see just how easy it is.

AEV RAM ProCal for 2018 RAM 1500/2500/3500 >>


Ram 1500 4" DualSport Suspension - SC for Rebel and Air Ride 6

Now get AEV’s highly-engineered custom lift for all Ram 1500 Rebel and Air Ride-equipped models.  AEV’s 4” DualSport Air Ride Suspension maintains the outstanding features and function of the stock Air Ride suspension for Ram 1500—all while increasing ground clearance off-road, preserving excellent handling on pavement, and making room for larger tires. As with every AEV DualSport Suspension, AEV has invested countless hours of development time and OE-level testing to innovate the highest quality aftermarket lift kit for Ram 1500’s Air Ride IFS suspension.

Ram 1500 4" DualSport Suspension - SC for Rebel and Air Ride 5

AEV components seamlessly integrate with the high-performance IFS Air Ride found on 2013-18 Ram 1500/Rebel models, retaining the OE front air struts and rear airbags to preserve factory ride quality and automatic/manual height adjustment functionality. Suspension steering and geometry are maintained and enhanced on the lifted vehicle with AEV’s innovative military grade A206 T4 aluminum tall steering knuckle and CNC aluminum front driveshaft spacer, rear geometry correction and upper control arm brackets, and custom-tuned Bilstein 5100 rear shocks. Vital undercarriage protection on rocky trails comes from a 4mm thick contoured stamped steel skid plate.

Ram 1500 4" DualSport Suspension - SC for Rebel and Air Ride 10

For maximum performance, AEV recommends 35” tires for this suspension system. Add the optional AEV ProCal Module, which adjusts the vehicle’s speedometer when running larger-than-stock tires.

Designed and Engineered with the Overlander in mind, AEV’s all-new 4.5″ High Capacity Coil Springs are a direct fit upgrade for customers with an AEV 4.5″ DualSport SC/RS Suspension System. These frequency-tuned, progressive rate coil springs provide the increased load carrying capacity necessary for heavily loaded vehicles, while still offering exceptional ride quality, handling and off-road articulation.

RAM 1500 – 4″ DualSport Suspension for Rebel and Air Ride 

Ram 1500 4" DualSport Suspension - SC for Rebel and Air Ride 9


Designed and Engineered with the Overlander in mind, AEV’s all-new 4.5″ High Capacity Coil Springs are a direct fit upgrade for customers with an AEV 4.5″ DualSport SC/RS Suspension System. These frequency-tuned, progressive rate coil springs provide the increased load carrying capacity necessary for heavily loaded vehicles, while still offering exceptional ride quality, handling and off-road articulation.

High capacity coil springs for JK Wrangler

These coil springs are only available as a matching set of front and rear springs in order to preserve optimal vehicle handling dynamics. The relative rate/frequency of the front coil springs vs. the rear springs is a crucial part of safe vehicle handling. Because of this, AEV increases the rate/frequency of the front springs in order to maintain an appropriate relationship with the rear springs, across the entire range of rear-biased loading.

4.5″ JK High Capacity Coil Springs >


JK Wrangler with roof rack tent using AEV high capacity coil springs Heavily loaded JK wrangler overcoming an obstacle with AEV high capacity coil springs Two Jeep Wrangler JK's with roof rack tents camping out in the Moab desert. Jeep Wrangler JK driving down a dirt road near Moab Utah Head on shot of AEV JK 350 with high capacity coil springs driving down a dirt road AEV Jeep Wrangler JK overcoming an obstacle on the trail. Jeep Wrangler JK driving down a dirt road with mountains in the background.



The popularity of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 AEV concept truck has encouraged American Expedition Vehicles to officially move forward launching a series of production aftermarket products with Chevrolet, which will premier for the first time at Overland Expo West in Flagstaff on Friday, May 18th.

The launch of the Snorkel Kit and Crestone DualSport Wheel as accessories for the Chevrolet Colorado marks the first time in AEV’s twenty-one-year history that it will be working with Chevrolet. Both parts can be applied to any variant of the current-generation Colorado, including the ZR2, and the Snorkel Kit is compatible with both the 2.8L Duramax turbo diesel and 3.6L V6 gas engines.

“While designing and testing prototype parts for the SEMA concept vehicle, we were blown away by the capabilities of the stock Colorado and ZR2,” comments AEV Founder/President Dave Harriton. “There really is a lot of truck to work with here and our team is thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with Chevrolet. AEV’s release of these new Colorado products here at Overland Expo really is the next evolution of that partnership.”

Inspired by heavy duty industrial and military applications around the world, the AEV Colorado Snorkel Kit was designed to improve engine performance by drawing in the cleanest, coolest air charge possible. AEV tests its snorkel kits extensively, both in laboratory and in tough real-world conditions. The OE quality UV-stable cross-linked polyethylene offers superior durability and performance, both in the laboratory thermal chamber as well as overlanding expeditions. Lightweight yet durable, the AEV Colorado Snorkel installs directly into the factory airbox and offers an available self-cleaning Pre-Filter to further maximize particulate-trapping of up to 98 percent of debris. The AEV Colorado Snorkel is made in the USA and will be available through AEV’s global network of dealers.  LEARN MORE: AEV Colorado Snorkel Kit >

The DOT-compliant AEV Crestone DualSport Beadlock wheel is made from heat-treated A356 T6 cast aluminum for maximum strength at minimal weight. Further, AEV thoroughly tested the Colorado DualSport Wheel to stringent SAE J2530 standards. Designed as a DualSport wheel, the Crestone allows users to customize their wheel in three configurations; with either a fully-functional Beadlock Ring for running very low tire pressure off-road, a Protection Ring designed for street use as well as wheel protection off-road, or no ring for a simple, minimalist look. Both the Beadlock and Protection Rings are interchangeable, giving you the flexibility to run a Protection Ring on the street or upgrade to a functional Beadlock Ring for off-road use. Other features include Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) compatibility and recessed valve stems for added protection.


“We know that modifying your truck is a big part of overlanding, and with more than 320,000 Colorado pickups on the road, we’ve been working hard to bring compelling, off-road-worthy parts to market,” said Mark Dickens, Executive Director – Global Accessories, Performance Variants, Parts & Motorsports Engineering, General Motors. “AEV is one of the recognized leaders in the overlanding space, and one of the best-possible collaborators to help take Colorado to the next level. Their parts are designed and manufactured to an incredibly high standard for off-roading, and the fact that they’ve chosen Colorado as a platform for accessorizing validates the inherent capability of both Colorado and ZR2.”

Two AEV equipped Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 trucks featuring the Snorkel Kit and Crestone DualSport will be on display at Overland Expo West from May 18th – 20th at the AEV exhibit booth. The AEV Snorkel Kit is available now, and the Crestone DualSport Wheel will be available in July.

Snorkel Kit for 2015+ Chevy Colorado AEV RELEASES COLORADO PARTS AT OVERLAND EXPO 1 Snorkel Kit for 2015+ Chevy Colorado 3 Snorkel Kit for 2015+ Chevy Colorado 1 AEV RELEASES COLORADO PARTS AT OVERLAND EXPO 3 Snorkel Kit for 2015+ Chevy Colorado 2


The Mesa wheel took on similar design cues as AEV’s Borah wheel for the Wrangler and adapted them for use on 1/2-ton Ram trucks. This proven design not only looks great, but is also capable of withstanding extremely heavy loads. AEV’s signature recessed valve stems provide added protection from rocks and other objects on the trail. The 18 x 8.5-inch Mesa features a Ram 1500-specific backspacing for the perfect fitment when using up to a 35 x 12.5-inch tire. This vehicle specific wheel design provides the optimal balance of tire clearance, scrub radius, and handling. Mesa smoothly integrates with the stock suspension system or with AEV’s 4” DualSport Suspension System.

AEV Mesa Wheel RAM 1500 AEV Mesa Wheel RAM 1500 AEV Mesa Wheel RAM 1500 AEV Mesa Wheel RAM 1500