Intercooler Skid Plate For 2014+ Ram 2500/3500

2014+ HD Ram Intercooler Skid Plate


The AEV Intercooler Skid Plate for 2014+ HD Ram trucks (incl. 4500/5500) protects the intercooler (and electronic sway bar disconnect on Power Wagon) from damage, without blocking-off critical airflow. If you currently have an AEV Front Bumper or are considering one, the AEV Intercooler Skid Plate gives you increased protection for added peace of mind when traveling off-the-grid. 

In 2014, HD Ram Trucks switched to an intercooler that was mounted lower for improved airflow and increased power. However, most of the aftermarket bumpers for these trucks remained the same and did not take into account the new airflow requirements. AEV was mindful of this when designing the HD Front Bumper, so it was absolutely critical that our Skid Plate met those same airflow requirements. For this reason, a vertical 6-bar design (using 1” DOM steel tube) was chosen to offer the best possible combination of airflow to the intercooler, protection, and accessibility for cleaning. 2014+ HD Ram 2500/3500 Intercooler Skid Plate also provides increased protection for the vulnerable (and very expensive) OEM electronic sway bar disconnect system on Power Wagon models.

Installation is very straight forward and can be done with the Front Bumper on the vehicle. Ram 3500 owners WITHOUT a compatibility beam (see FAQ below), will need to purchase the supplemental 3500 Installation Kit in addition to the AEV Intercooler Skid Plate. 

Please Note: The 2014+ HD Ram Intercooler Skid Plate is only compatible with trucks with an 2014+ HD Ram 2500/3500 trucks with an AEV Premium Front Bumper installed. This product is not compatible with 4500/5500 models, the OE front bumper or any other aftermarket bumper. 

  • For 2014+ Diesel HD Ram and Power Wagon
  • Protects the intercooler and electronic sway bar disconnect on Power Wagon
  • NO adverse effect on cooling
  • Proprietary coatings for superior corrosion protection
  • Made in the USA


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
1 Hour

Installation Guides:

AEV30440AC RM_IntercoolerSkid

Product FAQs

I have a 3500 Ram; how do I know if I have a compatibility beam or not?

The easiest way to determine if your truck has a compatibility beam or not is to physically look. Here is an illustration to help determine whether your truck has a compatibility beam or not.

Front Skid Plate 4

What does this protect on Power Wagon, since it doesn't have an intercooler?

This skid plate protects the vulnerable (and very expensive to replace) electronic sway bar disconnect system found on Power Wagon models.

Why did you go with DOM steel tubing over a sheet metal steel or aluminum skid plate?

Cooling, that was our top priority. Diesel-powered Ram trucks make a ton of power but without the proper airflow, they will reduce the output to compensate and protect the engine. Additionally, using a sheet metal steel or aluminum plate would make it much more difficult to clear out any debris that may become trapped behind it.

Will this fit gasoline powered trucks as well?

Yes, it will fit but there is not much to protect on gas trucks. Power Wagon trucks will benefit from the Intercooler Skid plate to help protect the (very expensive) OEM electronic sway bar disconnect system.

Will this fit older HD Ram trucks as well?

No, this Intercooler Skid Plate is only compatible with 2014+ HD Ram trucks. We have a different Skid Plate available for customers with a 2010-12 HD Ram available here.

Will this reduce my approach angle?

No, you will not reduce your approach angle at all by adding the Intercooler Skid Plate.

Will I still be able to use a winch?

Absolutely. This does not interfere with the installation of a winch.

What type of coatings do you use?

The Intercooler Skid Plate features a proprietary A-coat/powder coat finish. A-coating is similar to E-coating, except A-coating is a chemical adhesion process instead of an electrostatic adhesion process. 

Where is the Intercooler Skid Plate manufactured?

The AEV Intercooler Skid Plate is proudly manufactured in the USA.