Hawse Fairlead License Plate Bracket for EX/RX Front Bumper


PN: 12301080AB

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This License Plate Mounting Kit offers a headache-free solution for customers in a state requiring a front license plate and have a winch installed in their AEV EX/RX Front Bumper with a hawse fairlead.

Designed specifically for a hawse style fairlead, installation is clean and simple, requiring no modifications to the EX/RX Front Bumper or the fairlead itself. Most importantly, when use of a winch is required for vehicle recovery, the license plate can be quickly removed and stowed away inside the vehicle.

Please Note: The Hawse Fairlead License Plate Mount Bracket for EX/RX front bumper is designed to accommodate standard size (12″x6″) North American license plates. This license plate mount for EX/RX front bumper will not fit roller-style fairleads.

Product FAQs

Will this fit other brands front bumpers with a hawse fairlead?

This kit has been optimized for our EX/RX Front Bumper and Fairlead, but it may also fit other bumpers/hawse fairlead (1.25” max thickness).

Does this kit work with non-AEV hawse fairleads?

Yes it does, provided the overall thickness does not exceed 1.25”. Also, since this kit was designed for use with an AEV hawse fairlead, hook and an AEV isolator, it will be important to make sure there is a way for the hood to lay flat on the fairlead. This kit will not work with thimbles or larger, fixed position winch hooks.

How do I remove the license plate if I need to access my winch line?

Leaving the bracket in place, you simply unscrew the two thumb screws and remove your license plate. We recommend removing it prior to getting on the trail – simply because it’s much easier to do when you are not in a precarious position.

Will this mounting kit fit any size license plate?

No, the EX/RX Front Bumper License Plate Mounting Kit is designed to accommodate standard size (12″x6″) North American license plates.

Will this mounting kit fit a roller fairlead?

No, this mounting kit is only compatible with a hawse fairlead. If you have a roller fairlead, this is the kit you will want to use: https://www.aev-conversions.com/product/roller-fairlead-license-plate-mounting-kit/