AEV Universal Fairlead


PN: 19060000AA

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AEV’s Universal Hawse Fairlead is a direct-fit upgrade for most standard sized roller and hawse fairleads. This CNC-machined 6061 aluminum hawse fairlead’s smooth lines and hidden hardware match the AEV aesthetic, while its oversized opening allows for greatly improved cable visibility and control when re-spooling. An extremely durable, anodized finish is used protect the fairlead from the elements without causing any unwanted abrasion to your winch line. 


Please Note: DO NOT use with a steel winch cable. Color may vary slightly due to different lots of base material (6061 aluminum) during the anodizing process.

Key Features:

  • CNC Billet Aluminum
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Wider Opening for Easier Spooling
  • Concealed Fasteners
  • Made in the USA


Difficulty Level:

Product FAQs

Can I use this fairlead with a steel cable?

No, you definitely should not use a steel cable with this fairlead. Since the aluminum of the fairlead is softer than the steel cable, it would cause quite a bit of damage. Steel winch cables are best used with a traditional roller fairlead. 

How do I know if this will work with my winch and/or front bumper?

The AEV Universal Fairlead is designed to follow the same bolt pattern and approximate footprint of most standard roller fairleads.

Additionally, your winch must utilize a "foot down" mounting orientation. Some bumpers require a winch to be mounted "foot forward", in which case this fairlead will not work. 

I don't see any hardware, so what holds it on to the bumper?

There are two bolts that hold this fairlead on, just like every other fairlead EXCEPT our hardware is concealed. Not only does it look better, but it helps protect the hardware from corrosion. All necessary hardware is included. 

What makes this fairlead so special?

Aesthetics aside, we designed this fairlead for customers who intend on using their winch, so it was important to maximize the functionality as well. We enlarged the opening for the cable to allow for the most cable visibility possible when re-spooling. There is nothing worse than a stuck winch cable!

What type of finish is used?

We use an extremely tough and durable anodized hard coat. This not only will stand up to the elements but will also not cause any unexpected abrasion to your winch line. 

Where is this fairlead manufactured?

The AEV Universal Hawse Fairlead is proudly made in the USA!