AEV Full-Size Recovery Gear Kits



AEV combined their off-road expertise with their unsurpassed commitment to quality when they introduced a complete line of Full-Size Recovery Gear, designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts who drive heavier, full-size trucks and SUV’s. AEV’s Full-Size Recovery Gear Kit is engineered for real world recovery situations and utilizes many of the same materials, safety features and load regulations required in commercial rigging industries. Investing in durable and versatile gear ensures peace of mind and emergency preparedness, allowing drivers to confidently navigate off-road adventures and assist others in need. You can read more and see photos of AEV recovery gear testing here.

Now, AEV’s complete line of Full-Size Recovery Gear is available in two easy-to-order kits, designed to give you all the essentials for a day out on the trail with friends or everything you will need for an extended, expedition-style adventure. Best of all, these Recovery Gear Kits will save you money, versus buying all the components individually!

AEV’s Full-Size Trail Recovery Kit

This recovery kit is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a smaller kit, that is easily transportable and includes the necessities for a day out on the trail or at your local off-road park. This kit includes:

  • (1) AEV 4” Recovery Strap
  • (1) AEV 4” Winch Extension Strap
  • (1) AEV Tree Strap
  • (1) AEV Snatch Block
  • (2) AEV 1” Anchor Shackles
  • (1) AEV Tire Deflator
  • (1) AEV Recovery Gloves
  • (1) AEV Premium Recovery Bag

AEV’s Full-Size Expedition Recovery Kit

This kit is a more comprehensive solution for anyone needing a wide range of gear for more advanced recovery techniques and added versatility. This kit includes: 

  • (1) AEV Kinetic Recovery Rope
  • (1) AEV Winch Extension Rope
  • (1) AEV Utility Rope
  • (1) AEV Tree Strap
  • (1) AEV Snatch Block
  • (2) AEV 1” Anchor Shackles,
  • (2) AEV 1/2″ Soft Shackles
  • (1) Tire Deflator
  • (1) AEV Recovery Gloves
  • (1) AEV Premium Recovery Bag

Since recovery gear is useless if it gets lost or damaged, to help keep all your gear well-organized and safe from the elements, BOTH Recovery Kits also include AEV’s Premium Recovery Bag. These bags are handmade in the USA and feature heavy-duty nylon construction, heavy-duty zippers, reinforced straps and a plastic bottom. These features ensure that this bag will last for many years to come.

Product FAQs

What is the difference between Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) and Working Load Limit (WLL)?

Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) is the minimum force necessary to cause a recovery device to break or fail. Working Load Limit (WLL) is the recommended maximum force a recovery device is intended to safely support, when the force is applied in-line and through the centerline of the device. The WLL is calculated by dividing the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) by a safety factor that is generally around 4-to-1. For example, the AEV Snatch Block has an MBS of 52,000 LBS, so when divided by a safety factory of 4-to-1, the WLL becomes 13,000 LBS

What purpose does AEV's Snatch Block serve?

With AEV’s Snatch Block, you can rig a double-line pull to effectively multiply the pulling power of your winch by two times and simultaneously slow down the line speed by half – making for a safer and more controlled vehicle recovery. 

Is the AEV Snatch Block designed for steel cable or synthetic winch lines?

Actually, both. The composite pulley is designed for either a steel cable or a synthetic winch line. 

Where is AEV Recovery Gear manufactured?

AEV Recovery Gear is manufactured in North American and overseas, depending on the component.