Fuel Caddy For JK & JL Wrangler

Fuel Caddy



Made of tough cross-link polyethylene, the same materials as many factory fuel tanks, the ingenious design of AEV’s Jeep JK and JL Wrangler Fuel Caddy seamlessly integrates with the AEV Tire Carrier and takes full advantage of the unused space both inside the wheel of the spare tire and just behind it. The result is 10.2 gallons of secure and nearly invisible fuel storage. The high mounting position isolates the Fuel Caddy from trail impacts and makes it ideally suited for gravity fed deployment into the main tank. A fully vented, OE-quality cap means radical changes in elevation are no problem and fill-ups are fast. A built-in step allows for easy access to roof racks. Will accommodate up to a 37” tire.

Key Features:

  • 10.2 gallons
  • Tough, Cross-link polyethylene
  • Fully vented OE-quality cap with large fill opening
  • High mounting position isolates the Fuel Caddy from trail impacts
  • Built-in foot step on upper right side allows easier access to roof racks
  • Molded in, full-color decals
  • Comes with a convenient shaker siphon for easy fuel retrieval

 Please Note: Installation of the Fuel Caddy requires the use of a 17″ wheel or larger.

Tech Specs:

Manufacturing Process:
Roto-Mold (crush can covers)
Cross-link polyethylene
2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK and 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL w/ AEV Tire Carrier. Requires a 17" or larger wheel diameter.
10.2 Gallons
Manufactured In:
United States
US Patent:
China Patent:
ZL 2012 3 0018621
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
1.5 hours
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools

Installation Guides:

AEV Fuel Caddy Installation Guide

Product FAQs

What’s a fuel caddy? How is it different from an auxiliary tank?

AEV’s Fuel Caddy is a convenient way to temporarily carry 10 gallons of auxiliary fuel. It differs from a true auxiliary fuel tank in the fact that it is not directly plumbed into the vehicle’s fuel system. The Fuel Caddy is designed for fueling up other vehicles as well as providing extended range when necessary.

How much fuel does it hold?

AEV’s Fuel Caddy is designed to hold 10.2 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel.

How do I get the fuel out? Do I remove the tank?

The Fuel Caddy is designed to be a semi-permanent installation; there is no need to remove the tank to use it.  We include a Super Siphon to remove the fuel in a convenient way that is easy, fast and clean. Best of all its simple and reliable and can be used in all sorts of emergency situations, it’s a great tool to have on board.

How does the Super Siphon work?

The Super Siphon is simply a ball check valve located in the end of a length of tubing. To use it just put it in the Fuel Caddy and give it a few quick shakes, it couldn’t be easier.

Is the Fuel Caddy safe?

Fuel is inherently dangerous, there is no way around that, so special care should be used with the Fuel Caddy. While we have taken every precaution, like building the tank out of super strong cross-linked polyethylene and locating the tank up out of the way of most crashes, we still caution to only use the Fuel Caddy as a temporary storage solution. Proper use would be to empty the fuel caddy as soon as possible after a trip or expedition, and to store empty. Other precautions that should be taken include using eye protection when transferring fuel from the Fuel Caddy, and to always touch the gas pump nozzle to the fill port of the fuel caddy while filling to reduce the dangers of static electricity build up

Will the AEV Fuel Caddy work with any other tire carriers?

No, the AEV Fuel Caddy is designed to work with the AEV Tire Carrier only. You do not need the AEV Rear Bumper though, just the Tire Carrier.

I live in California, can I buy the AEV Fuel Caddy? Does it meet CARB regulations?

Yes, the AEV Fuel Caddy complies with all current CARB, EPA and DOT regulations.

Is there a version for water?

Currently we have no plans to offer this design in a potable water version, however if there is enough demand we certainly could. Let us know via our contact page.

How long does it take to install a Fuel Caddy?

Approximately 1 hour if you already have the AEV Tire Carrier installed.

Where is the AEV Fuel Caddy made?

The AEV Fuel Caddy is proudly made in Detroit, Michigan.

Will the AEV tire carrier work with the Mopar Tailgate Reinforcement?

The AEV rear bumper and tire carrier will work with the Mopar tailgate reinforcement. The AEV fuel caddy will not fit due to interference with the antenna/flag mount on top of the reinforcement bracket, but the rest of the tire carrier clears without issue.