Fender Flares for 2015+ Chevy Colorado

Fender Flares


$330.00 Qty:
$330.00 Qty:
$330.00 Qty:

AEV’s ZR2 Bison Fender Flares are now available for the 2015+ Chevy Colorado. These injection molded Fender Flares were designed specifically for the ZR2 Bison’s appearance package, so they are recommended to be used in conjunction with our Bison Front Bumper. However, they can also be used with the ZR2’s factory bumper (please see pics in the FAQ).

These Fender Flares feature an OE acid-grained texture and are the same width as the factory ZR2 Fender Flares, but sit much higher on the body, giving your truck a much more aggressive appearance. Drilling is required for installation but an easy to use template is provided for added convenience.

Since these trucks have been growing in popularity as a viable vehicle platform for overland travel, AEV’s ZR2 Fender Flares are sold separately in sets of two, so custom builders can order just the front set.

Key Features:

  • OE Fender Flares from the 2019+ ZR2 Bison
  • Fits 2015+ Chevy Colorado  –  AEV Bison Front Bumper recommended!
  • Front available separately for custom bed/camper applications
  • OE quality fit and finish
  • Factory-matched grained texture
  • Installation template included
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA

Tech Specs:

Manufacturing Process:
OE Grained Finish, Roto-Molded Plastic
California Prop 65 Warning

Product FAQs

Will these Fender Flares fit my ZR2 without an AEV Bison Front Bumper?

Yes, BUT…these Fender Flares were designed specifically for the ZR2 Bison package, which included an AEV Front Bumper. They will however fit a standard ZR2 with the factory bumper but they will not completely match-up where the fender flare meets the bumper line. Again, this is pretty minor and purely aesthetic. The end result really changes the appearance of the truck and the minor misalignment issues are not very noticeable from a few feet away.

ZR2 Bison Fender Flares ZR2 Bison Fender Flares 1 ZR2 Bison Fender Flares 2 ZR2 Bison Fender Flares 3

Will these Fender Flares fit all cab and bed configurations?

These fender flares fit both extended cab and crew cab trucks with both short and long beds.

Will these Fender Flares fit a GMC Canyon?

No, the ZR2 Bison Fender Flares will only fit the Chevy Colorado.

Will the ZR2 Bison Fender Flares match the other plastic components on my ZR2?

Yes, the ZR2 Bison Fender Flares have the same grained texture as the plastic found on the factory ZR2 bumper.

Is drilling required? Why can’t I just use tape like most aftermarket fender flares?

Yes, drilling is required but an easy to use template is provided to make drilling the holes almost fool-proof! The ZR2 Bison Fender Flares are not an aftermarket fender flare, they are original equipment. That means that these fender flares are designed to last the life of the truck, so we followed the recommended attachment methods that have been proven out and used by GM.

Where are these Fender Flares manufactured?

These Fender Flares are proudly manufactured right here in the USA.