Brush Guard for 2019+ Ram HD

Brush Guard for 2019+ Ram HD


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The AEV 2019+ HD Ram (including 4500/5500) brush guard for sale not only looks the part, but it is also designed to protect the headlights, grille and radiator of your truck in the event of an animal strike. Proudly manufactured in the USA using 3” tubing in the center and 2.25” tubing around the headlights, this Brush Guard is every bit as strong as it looks. The AEV Brush Guard is zinc coated and powder coated to help protect against corrosion.


The Brush Guard attaches directly to the AEV Front Bumper (sold separately) corners using existing holes that were designed into the bumper. This means you don’t have to risk damaging the coating on the bumper to drill –just remove the plastic plugs.


Customers looking to add some additional lighting to their truck can add up to (4) AEV 7000 Series Lights with the use of our optional 3” Tube Accessory Mounts. These composite clamps easily attached to the center bar of the Brush Guard, giving you a study pedestal to mount your lights to. Additionally, there is a provision for installing an antenna or sand flag on the upper part of the center tube.

The AEV Brush Guard is sold individually for customers who already have our 2019+ Ram Front Bumper who wish to replace the original Low Tube assembly. For new customers, this Brush Guard is now available as an option when ordering our Front Bumper.

– This Brush Guard will not fit pre-2019 trucks. This is designed specifically for the 2019+ Ram AEV Front Bumper.

– Some early-production AEV Front Bumpers were not pre-drilled for the Brush Guard. If your bumper does not have holes drilled into the corners, please give us a call at (248) 926-0256 for assistance.


  • Protects the grille, radiator and headlights
  • Compatible with AEV Front Bumper (2019+ HD Ram)
  • No-Drill Installation
  • Provision for a sand flag/antenna
  • Ideal mounting location for up to (4) 7” lights
  • Made in the USA


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
1 Hour

Installation Guides:

Ram HD 2019+ Front Bumper Installation Guide

Product FAQs

Can I make this Brush Guard fit my 2010-18 Ram truck?

No, this brush guard will only fit the 2019+ HD Ram (including 4500/5500). These trucks are actually a few inches wider than 2010-18 models, so this Brush Guard is physically too wide for the bumper.

Will this Brush Guard work with a stock bumper?

No, the AEV Brush Guard is only compatible with an AEV Front Bumper.

Do I have to drill holes in my AEV Bumper to install this?

No. We pre-drilled our 2019+ Front Bumpers to allow for the future installation of this Brush Guard.  

However, some early-production AEV Front Bumpers were not pre-drilled for the Brush Guard. If you are unsure if your bumper is pre-drilled, please refer the image below. The area within the red circle will have three plugs which covers the pre-drilled holes. If your bumper does not have holes drilled into the corners, please give us a call at (248) 926-0256 for assistance.

Brush Guard for 2019+ Ram HD

Is this just for looks or does it offer any real protection?

Just like the Front Bumper itself, the Brush Guard doesn’t just look the part. We designed it out of robust 3” steel tubing for the center to protect your grille and radiator, 2.25” steel tubing around the headlights. It attaches to the bumper in multiple locations which makes it incredibly SOLID –you won’t have to worry about any unwanted light vibrations, should you decide to add some off-road lights.

Is there a place to mount a sand flag or antenna?

Yes, we include a sand flag/antenna mounting tab on top (right side) of the center tubing.

What is the finish like?

The Brush Guard receives the same multi-stage, e-coat/powder finish as the Front Bumper for maximum corrosion.

Can this brush guard ship via standard FedEx ground?

Due to the size/weight of the Brush Guard, they must be shipped via truck freight. We encourage customers to try and source them from a local dealer if possible.

Where is the AEV Brush Guard made?

The AEV Brush Guard is proudly made in the USA.