Winter Edition / Backcountry / Moab / Call of Duty / Freedom Rear Bumper Water Tanks with Pump Kit


PN: 10305013AA

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So, you’ve purchased a Winter Edition, Backcountry, Moab or Call of Duty Wrangler and you’d like to have the water carrying capabilities of the AEV Rear Bumper. Well, here’s the product for you. The Rear Bumper Water Tanks with Pump Kit gives you 2 replacement rear corners as well as the AEV Pump Kit that allows you to plumb them together to give you 5 gallons of water storage right in your bumper.

This kit comes with:

  • AEV Rear Bumper Corner replacements
  • AEV Pump Kit with plumbing

Tech Specs:

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California Prop 65 Warning