Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear?

We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for,” but how many of us have heard the saying, “you may pay for what you don’t get?”

Odds are you haven’t heard this saying because it doesn’t exist, but when it comes to the subject of Recovery Gear, it probably should. Each year, vast numbers of off-road consumers shop for bargains on new recovery gear, and the aftermarket is happy to oblige with a barrage of cheap, brightly-colored recovery products that quickly attract the unknowing consumer.

What’s the problem with this? Simply, these products often lack the appropriate materials, engineering, features, and lab-proven load ratings to merit their use in offroad vehicle recoveries. The consequence is that unknowing consumers buy these products and unwittingly put themselves at risk each time they use them. This is due to the increased likelihood of catastrophic failure from these inferior products – which may not be able to handle the massive forces being applied to them during a vehicle recovery. These failures can lead to serious injury and even death, typically caused when these broken products (straps, ropes, anchor shackles and snatch-blocks) fly through the air and strike people. In fact, the forces can be so severe that these products can literally smash through automotive windshields and body panels, striking the occupants inside.

Sadly, You Tube is full of examples, but the antidote to many of these life-threatening failures could/should have been simple education.  Had the consumers of this cheap Recovery Gear done some research before making their purchase, they could have come to understand the inherent dangers of off-road vehicle recovery, and the value of spending more on Recovery Gear that is truly built for the task. 

Sure, quality Recovery Gear is expensive, but no one should end up “paying” for what they didn’t get. So, regardless of which brand of Recovery Gear you buy, put your safety first and spend more for Recovery Gear that contains the proper materials, engineering, features, and lab-proven load ratings. You will never regret this added expense.   

Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear?
Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear? 4
Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear? 5
Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear? 3
Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear? 1
Why Spend More for Quality Recovery Gear? 8

AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR

“In February, AEV hosted its annual In-Field 4WD Training Program at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area in Florence, Oregon. This program is instructed by AEV’s Chris Wood, who is a certified master instructor with the International 4WD Trainers Association. Each year this program draws AEV enthusiasts from across the U.S. and Canada and it introduces them to fundamental and advanced concepts in trip preparation, off-road driving, vehicle recovery and emergency protocols. Capping off the program is the amazing off-road driving experience afforded by the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. This experience includes miles of beach driving, the rush of cresting one massive dune after another and of course the breathtaking landscapes that include forests, rivers, lakes and coastal panoramas. If you missed the opportunity to attend this year’s program, but would like to attend in the future, please reach out to Chris Wood at: [email protected]

If you take a few minutes to look through the photos, you will notice a short-box, standard-cab RAM 1500 in Blue Streak Pearl. This beauty belongs to Brad Peden of Peden 4WD, in British Columbia, and he built it out with AEV’s new Front Bumper, Raised Air Intake, Mesa Wheels and 4″ DualSport Suspension. From the moment Brad put photos of this truck on social media, it was an instant hit, and we will admit to being excited when he said he was going to bring it to Florence for a shake-down on the dunes. If you ask Brad, he will tell you we all wondered if a half-ton truck belonged on the dunes, but we are here to tell you this thing turned out to be a monster!! With its wide track, short wheelbase, V8 power and DualSport Suspension, the RAM could be crab-walked across the face of massive dunes, flicked into turns and driven with gusto over coregations and moguls! Overall, this truck proved to be a serious jaw-dropper and it caused many in our group to ponder a new car payment.”

Image Gallery:

AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR 1 AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR 2 AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR 3 AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR 4 AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR 5 AEV hosts off road training in Florence, OR 6


 The Mesa wheel took on similar design cues as AEV’s Borah wheel for the Wrangler and adapted them for use on 1/2-ton Ram trucks. This proven design not only looks great, but is also capable of withstanding extremely heavy loads. AEV’s signature recessed valve stems provide added protection from rocks and other objects on the trail. The 18 x 8.5-inch Mesa features a Ram 1500-specific backspacing for the perfect fitment when using up to a 35 x 12.5-inch tire. This vehicle specific wheel design provides the optimal balance of tire clearance, scrub radius, and handling. Mesa smoothly integrates with the stock suspension system or with AEV’s 4” DualSport Suspension System.


Las Vegas–For years AEV has maintained a reputation for making a splash at the annual SEMA show. Well, in 2017, we’ve done so again—in a rather unexpected way. On October 31st Chevrolet opened its SEMA display by unveiling the Chevy Colorado ZR2 AEV Concept, a collaboration that integrates several AEV components on to Chevrolet’s already off-road capable ZR2 Platform. “I was amazed by the capability of stock ZR2 Colorado when I had the opportunity test it out in Moab”, says Dave Harriton. “The engineering team at Chevrolet really stepped it up when they designed and engineered the ZR2.” As of now, neither GM or AEV has any plans to produce this concept or parts, but if you like the build, feel free to engage with Chevrolet and AEV on social media and let us know! Read more about the Colorado – ZR2 AEV Concept >