AEV JL370 Wrangler Classic & JT370 Gladiator Classic

AEV JL370 Wrangler Classic & JT370 Gladiator Classic 3

When most people think about the automotive world in the 1970’s, images of brightly colored muscle cars cruising up and down the local drag on a Friday night most likely come to mind. However, the 1970’s also paved the way for many of the iconic off-road platforms namesakes that are still around today. None of which are more iconic than Jeep. 

The JL370 Wrangler Classic and JT370 Gladiator Classic pay tribute to the bold, in your face styling of the of the era with two retro colorways, unique exterior graphics, custom “Classic” dash panel, custom white Salta XR wheels, and more! These will be LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN packages and only available for a limited time in White or Black and based on a Rubicon trim level.