The Sierra Grande Concept represents the creative vision of how AEV would further elevate the adventure-ready foundation of the GMC Sierra HD AT4X into a legendary overlanding rig.

Starting with a 2024 GMC Sierra 2500 HD in a regular cab, long bed configuration, AEV sourced the stamped steel front bumper from the Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition and added a prototype brush guard for even more front-end protection. Additionally, AEV added (4) 7000 series off-road lights and a GM Performance/ComeUp 12.5k winch. An AEV Snorkel was also added to ensure that the 6.6L Duramax diesel engine is breathing the cleanest air possible, even under the most extreme conditions off-road.

Underbody protection is critical when navigating through technical terrain, so AEV installed the stamped steel front skid plate, IFS skid plate and transfer case skid plate from the Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition. For suspension, AEV worked directly with the GMC engineering team to incorporate a variety of Sierra HD AT4X components, such as control arms, steering knuckles, rear suspension, and Multimatic® DSSV dampers. This factory-tuned combination provides 1.5-inch lift over standard HD models and delivers improved off-road performance and versatility, without sacrificing comfort or durability. 

Thanks to the additional lift height gained from the AT4X components and a pair of HighMark fender flares, AEV installed a set of massive, 40” BFGoodrich tires mounted on a set of AEV Salta XD wheels. Rounding out the build, an 8-foot aluminum tray bed was installed, along with an AEV vertical tire mount, custom AEV rear bumper, ComeUp 9.5k winch and an ARB on-board air system.

Key Features Include:

  • • AT4X Suspension—steering knuckles, control arms, rear suspension and Multimatic® DSSV dampers
  • • Stamped Steel AEV Front Bumper, outfitted with a prototype AEV Brush Guard, ComeUp 12.5k Winch and (4) AEV 7000 series off-road lights
  • • AEV Snorkel
  • • Stamped Steel AEV Skid Plates (Front, IFS, Transfer Case)
  • • Prototype AEV HighMark Front Fender Flares
  • • AEV Salta XD wheels with 40” BFGoodrich Tires
  • • Aluminum Tray Bed w/ an AEV Vertical Tire Mount
  • • ARB On-Board Air System
  • • Custom AEV Rear Bumper
  • • ComeUp 9.5k Rear Winch
  • • Custom AEV Paint Appearance Package