Crestone DualSport Wheel for Ford Bronco

Bronco Crestone DualSport Wheel


The AEV Crestone DualSport Wheel is now available for Ford Bronco! The Crestone’s split 6-spoke design gives it an ultra-modern look while providing drivers with the flexibility and versatility that AEV’s line of DualSport Wheels are known for. This wheel can be purchased with a fully functional Beadlock Ring for running very low air pressure off-road, a Protection Ring for street use and added protection off-road or no ring with black hardware for a more simplistic look.

The DOT-compliant AEV Crestone DualSport wheel is made from heat-treated A356 T6 cast aluminum for maximum strength and has been thoroughly tested to stringent SAE J2530 standards. This wheel is also Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) compatible and features AEV’s signature valve stem recess to protect the tire valve from being damaged while you are out on the trail.

AEV’s Crestone wheel measures 17×8 w/ 4.69″ backspacing and is available in an Onyx or Matte Black finish. Beadlock/Protection rings are available in either an Onyx or Silver finish. and can be painted for a truly custom appearance. Each wheel includes (1) 93mm snap-in hub centric ring.

Available Configuration Options:

  • No Ring – The Crestone wheel can be installed without a ring for a simple one-color look. AEV supplies black nylon hardware for this configuration to prevent dirt and debris from building up inside the threaded bolt holes.
  • Protection Ring – The Protection Ring is a non-functional cast aluminum ring, designed as a sacrificial part to protect the wheel from trail scratches while also providing the same look as the Beadlock Ring. The Protection Ring includes Grade 8.8 hardware and is 50-state legal.
  • Beadlock Ring – The Beadlock Ring is designed with maximum strength and off-road durability in mind by utilizing a 16mm thick, forged aluminum beadlock ring and custom Grade 10.9 metric hardware for increased shear strength and higher torque requirements. AEV recommends that the Beadlock Ring be used for off-road purposes only.
  • Replacement Rings


Off Road Use Only: The Crestone wheel with the Beadlock Ring installed is DOT compliant but that does not necessarily mean it is legal for street use in every U.S. state. Check state and local restrictions on beadlock installation and use BEFORE ordering. Beadlock wheels must be properly installed and require routine maintenance. As a general policy, AEV recommends that beadlock wheels are used for off-road purposes only.

AEV Beadlock Tire Compatibility: Due to the inherent variances in bead thickness between different tire models/manufacturers, the Borah/Crestone wheel is not compatible with some tires. We have confirmed that the tires listed below are compatible with this wheel. Other tire brands and models may also work but AEV only recommends using the tires listed on this chart. Tires that are not listed on this chart may have a bead that is too thick for this wheel which can lead to wheel failure, vehicle damage and personal injury. AEV will be updating this list with additional tire manufacturers and models as we test them. Please contact the AEV Sales Team at (248) 926-0256 if you have any questions or concerns about tire compatibility before ordering. This advisory affects the Crestone wheel in the functional beadlock configuration only.

Brand Model Size
BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 LT285/70R17
BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 LT315/70R17
BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 34×10.50R17
BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 35×12.50R17
BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 37×12.50R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 LT285/70R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 35×12.50R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 37×12.50R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 LT285/70R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 LT295/70R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 35×12.50R17
BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM3 37×12.50R17
General  Grabber X3 37×12.50R17
Nitto Ridge Grappler 37×12.50R17
Toyo  Open Country M/T 35×12.50R17
Toyo Open Country M/T 37×12.50R17
Yokohama Geolander MT G003 LT285/70R17


  • Designed for the best fitment possible
  • Recessed valve stem for added protection
  • A356 T6 cast aluminum construction
  • Tested to stringent SAE J2530 standards
  • Molded AEV Center Cap included
  • Compatible with Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Lifetime structural warranty

Tech Specs:

Manufacturing Process:
Low pressure permanent mold casting
A356/T6 Aluminum
Liquid clear coat, Liquid color coat, Powder Primer
17" x 8"
33 lbs
Bolt Pattern:
Approximate Backspacing:
Weight Rating:
2,400 lbs
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:

Installation Guides:

AEV DualSport Wheel Installation Guide

Product FAQs

What are the advantages of AEV's DualSport Wheels?

Beadlock wheels offer a distinct advantage off-road when running extremely low tire pressures in difficult or soft terrain. However, we recognize that many customers like the look of a beadlock but do not want to deal with the routine maintenance that goes along with installing beadlock wheels on their daily driver. AEV designed the family of DualSport wheels so they can be used as either true beadlock wheels or as non-beadlock wheels by simply swapping out the outer ring and changing the mounting position of the tire. This also allows a customer to purchase a non-beadlock wheel now and be able to upgrade the wheels later by adding the true beadlock ring.

What is the difference between the “Beadlock Ring” and the “Protection Ring”?

The Beadlock Ring is made from forged aluminum and makes the Crestone a true, functional beadlock wheel. The Protection Ring is a non-functional cast aluminum beadlock ring, designed as a sacrificial part to protect the wheel from trail scratches and also provide the same look as the Beadlock Ring.

I am not sure which configuration I want to purchase. Can I buy the wheels now and the rings later?

Yes! We designed the Crestone to look good even without a ring. If you do not want to purchase a ring right now, we can supply you with nylon bolts that are intended to be used without a ring and keep the holes nice and clean so you have no issues installing the ring of your choice when you are ready. Both the Beadlock Ring and the Protection Ring can be purchased separately online or through any AEV Authorized Distributor.

AEV Crestone Beadlock Wheels are DOT compliant, doesn't that mean they are street legal in all 50 states?

Not necessarily. AEV wheels are designed to all applicable DOT Standards regarding wheel construction and have passed the SAE Tests for Radial Fatigue, Impact, and Cornering Fatigue. Currently, DOT or SAE has no specific regulation or test requirements for beadlock wheels. Additionally, some states have laws against multi-piece wheel designs. This means that any beadlock wheel design would technically be illegal in these states. As a consumer, your first step should be to research your state’s laws regarding multi-piece/beadlock wheels before purchasing the Crestone wheel (with the Beadlock Ring) for steet use. AEV recommends purchasing the Crestone wheel with the Protection Ring for daily driven vehicles – this configuration IS street legal in all 50 states. As a general policy, we recommend that beadlock wheels be used for off-road purposes only.

Other companies make beadlock wheels and don't claim they are DOT compliant. What makes the Crestone any different?

Most companies start with a standard steel or aluminum wheel and literally cut off the outer bead and weld on a new beadlock adapter. After this major structural modification, the wheel must be completely re-tested per DOT guidelines in order to claim it is DOT compliant. Most companies don't bother with this and simply don't make the claim. The Crestone is designed and cast as a beadlock wheel, so it is tested to the same SAE standards as any non-beadlock AEV wheel.

Does this wheel fit the Bronco Raptor?

No, this wheel does not fit the Bronco Raptor.

Why do I need a hub centric ring?

While some may say they are not necessary on a 6-lug vehicle, we include a hub centric ring to reduce the large hub bore to 93.1mm, making sure the wheel is properly centered on the Bronco’s hub. This limits the chance of any unwanted vibration and reduces the amount of stress put on the wheel studs.

I prefer the look of the yellow AEV Center Cap. Is it possible to use them with the Salta XR?

Yes! The Salta XR will accept our LARGE BORE yellow AEV Center Cap.

Does this wheel look good with the larger fender flares found on some of the Bronco packages?

Yes, these wheels look exceptionally good on packages with larger fender flares.

Will these wheels fit the Bronco Sport?

No, these will only fit the Bronco.

Will these wheels clear a long-travel suspension?

While we encourage everyone to do their own research before purchasing, we have found that the Crestone DualSport Wheel will clear most aftermarket coilovers and control arms. 

Where is the Crestone DualSport Wheel manufactured?

The Crestone DualSport Wheel is made in China.

What is the warranty?

AEV wheels carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects, 1-year warranty on the finish.