AEV Recovery Gear Bag

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It’s late at night and you are stuck on the trail. Nobody around for miles. You just finished unloading half your vehicle, looking for that one piece of recovery gear you need but cannot find and…what was that, thunder? We’ve all been there. The AEV Recovery Gear Bag makes sure that will never happen again.

Designed with all the contents of a REAL recovery kit in mind, the AEV Recovery Gear Bag is large enough to store all your essential recovery gear and its wide opening top allows for quick retrieval and storage. Heavy duty nylon construction, reinforced straps and a plastic bottom ensure that the AEV Recovery Gear Bag will hold up to years of use out on the trail.

Proudly made in the USA.

Tech Specs:

14 x 11 x 6
Manufactured In:
United States
California Prop 65 Warning