Sy-Klone Pre-Filter Assembly

Sy-Klone Pre-Filter Assembly



Air filter life is directly related to the amount of debris ingested through an engine’s air intake. Installing a Sy‑Klone Series 9000® Pre-Filter Assembly as the first stage of your air intake system prevents the majority of heavier-than-air particles from entering the system. This results in longer air filter life, more efficient engine performance and decreased maintenance expenses. Used in heavy-duty military and commercial vehicles worldwide, this rugged SY-Klone air pre-cleaner is self-cleaning and will last for the life of the snorkel.

Please Note: The Sy-Klone Pre-Filter Assembly will only fit the AEV’s second generation JK Snorkel Kit with a 4″ intake tube.

Tech Specs:

Vehicle Type:
Gladiator JT, JK Wrangler, JL Wrangler, Colorado, Ram 1500, Ram HD
California Prop 65 Warning


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