Front Camera Relocation Kit for 2019+ RAM HD


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The location of the factory front camera on 2019+ HD Ram trucks works extremely well on a truck in stock form. However, once an aftermarket bumper and some off-road lights are added, the camera essentially becomes ineffective, which also affects the 360-degree, top-down view of your truck. The AEV Front Camera Relocation Kit allows the factory front camera to be relocated to the center section of the AEV Front Bumper. Thanks to a replacement AEV badge which is strategically notched to fit around the camera, this kit has a very clean and integrated look. With the front camera relocated to your AEV Front Bumper you will once again, have an un-obstructed field of vision.

The Front Camera Relocation Kit includes a replacement AEV Front Bumper badge, wiring harness, mounting bracket and the necessary hardware. This kit does not include the OEM Front Camera (required for installation).

Please Note: This kit will not fit first generation (these were sold through 2021) AEV Front Bumpers. If you are unsure what generation front bumper you have, please refer to the FAQ section below. 

Tech Specs:

2019+ HD Ram 2500 (all engines), 2019+ HD Ram 3500 (all engines)
California Prop 65 Warning


Difficulty Level:
Estimated Install Time:
1 Hour
Required Tools:
  • Common Hand Tools

Product FAQs

How do I know if this kit is compatible with my AEV Front Bumper?


There is an easy way to tell if you have a first or second generation AEV Front Bumper and it DOES NOT require the badge to be removed...

Front Camera Relocation Kit for 2019+ RAM HD 3

If you have these small mounting holes inside the openings on either side of the badge, the kit is compatible. If you do not, the kit will not currently work on your bumper. 


Does this kit include a front camera?

No, this kit is designed to relocate the OEM Front Camera, if equipped.

Is the Front Camera Relocation Kit necessary if I’m not installing additional lights?

We recommend it for any truck equipped with a front camera. Even without additional lights, the view is partially obstructed by the low tube and top of the winch (if equipped). With the camera obstructed, the 360-degree top-down view is off.

How hard is it to install? Do I have to remove my front bumper?

It’s not very difficult to install along with the bumper. If you are retrofitting it on to an existing bumper, both the bumper and the winch will need to be removed and then re-installed.

Will this kit work with an aftermarket camera?

This kit is designed specifically for the OEM Front Camera only.