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From June 7th to the 10th AEV’s Chris Wood will be available to answer questions about AEV’s products during the Abenteuer Allrad in Germany. The Abenteuer Allrad is Europe’s largest 4WD exposition. Chris will be teaming up with Orz Munchen to display AEV’s products. Orz Munchen is AEV’s exclusive dealer to Germany and they will have an AEV-equipped Jeep JK Wrangler on display. For more information about the exposition, please visit the Abenteuer Allrad website at:

Monday, 30 April 2012 10:20

AEV in the New York Times

AEV has come a long way since founder Dave Harriton stretched his 1991 Wrangler YJ in 1993. Throughout the years the focus of AEV has been to create better performing, better looking and longer lasting Jeep aftermarket parts. All of that hard work and attention to detail was validated when Chrysler asked AEV to contribute to the Jeep Call of Duty: MW3 Special Edition Wrangler. The New York Times sat down with Dave Harriton to talk some more about our history, accomplshments and our close relationship with Chrysler. You can check out the article here

Expedition Portal is now doing some of the most complete reviews of various specialty 4x4 vehicles in world. They recently got their hands on a couple of our HEMI V8 powered Jeep Wranglers but weren't content with just taking them off-road for the usual song and dance. Instead, they brought in Baja 1000 winner and Toyota/Lexus factory test driver Joe Bacal and had him push our Jeep to the limits on an Arizona road course that was built for high-powered aerodynamic sports cars, not lifted off road vehicles to show just how impressive these vehicles are for everyday use.

In this video from Joe uses the 390 horsepower, 5.7L VVT HEMI V8 to throw our Wrangler into the corners. With finely-tuned balance, predictably and minimal body roll Joe shows why AEV's DualSport suspension system is not only known as the best off road suspension system in the industry, but the best on road as well.

Later in the video Scott Brady shows some of the fun they had in Moab this year with a 4.5" lifted AEV Wrangler on 37" tires. Our Jeep performed flawlessly on both Cliffhanger and Steel Bender, further showing the varying capabilities of our Jeeps and why Scott Brady calls AEV Jeeps "the most impressive trucks we've ever checked out."

Visit for all the best information on overland travel.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012 07:22

Savegre Wheels in Argent

You've seen them on our Brute Double Cab for months and now we're proud to announce the release of our popular Savegre Wheel in Argent. The Savegre design offers the blend of style and performance that AEV has come to be known for. Like all AEV wheels, the Savegre includes a hub-centric design that takes the load off of the wheel studs and places it squarely on the hub where it belongs. Recessed valve stems ensure trouble-free off-roading even in tight spots. And most importantly, they were designed for Jeeps, not as a one-size-fits-all aftermarket wheel. They have a JK-specific offset, which provides the optimal balance of tire clearance (up to 37” tires), scrub radius, and handling.

Purchase the Savegre Wheels in Argent today!


Lack of good winter Jeeping destinations got you down? Well if you're located anywhere near the Western United States, Florence, Oregon is well worth considering. AEV has long known this and on February 28th we rendezvoused with several of our customers for two days of Jeeping at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. This spectacular park offers Jeep owners unique access to miles of towering dunes, evergreen forests and spectacular coastal panoramas!

AEV's group was comprised of guests from around the Northwest. Each guest was driving an AEV-equipped Jeep JK Wrangler and a few of the vehicles even sported AEV's HEMI V8 conversion. Overall the group was well equipped and indifferent to the forecast of bad weather. For most of the guests this was to be their first time to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and their expectations were high. They wouldn't be disappointed.

On the morning of the 28th, AEV got the tour underway with an introduction to sand driving that included a variety of exercises designed to build skill. Among them was the “popular" failed hill-climb exercise which required that each student back down a very steep sand dune – estimated to be 5 or 6 stories in height! This activity provided the guests with an early-morning reality check and it helped build the kind of confidence that would come in handy throughout the tour.

Following this sobering introduction, AEV got the first day of dune touring officially underway. Over the next few hours the group snaked over miles of dunes arriving at one panorama after another. The guests were beginning to get a sense for just how vast and varied the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is. In places the dunes appear like a barren lunar landscape while in others they are lush with coastal forest and dotted with emerald lakes. And regardless of the immediate surroundings, the roar of the Pacific Ocean is always on the breeze.

The guests were also beginning to get a sense for the unique demands the dunes place on driver and vehicle. While many areas can be toured at a slow, comfortable idle, other areas require aggressive use of speed and every ounce of available power. Further, the dunes demand considerable finesse and focus from the drivers. Mastery of momentum, throttle application and approach and departure angles is paramount. Deficiencies in any of these areas can be costly.

By early afternoon the guests arrived near the south end of the park and eventually emerged from the dunes heading west toward the coast. To make the transition to the oceanfront more interesting, AEV decided that the group would navigate a half-mile of flooded sand track through dense, low-lying coastal forest. Massive rainfall has flooded the forest giving it an everglade quality. As the Jeeps entered the forest a canopy of thick, black pines leaned in over them. Gradually the water rose up toward the doors and hissed on the hot mufflers causing steam to billow.

Once clear of the forest, the group rose up across the saddle of a dune and spilled down onto the beach. Here they were met by the full impact of a turbulent Pacific Ocean that churned under the weight of ongoing winter storms. From this point AEV led the guests north along the shore for a number of miles, eventually turning inland. Then it was back into the throttles as the Jeeps climbed a final range of massive dunes to eventually arrive back at the park's northern exit. That evening over pizza and beer there was much excitement and reflection over the day.

On the morning of Wednesday the 29th, AEV got the second day of touring underway beneath a shower of hail, but the guests took it in stride. Once the storm moved past, AEV took the opportunity to conduct an introduction to winching and vehicle recovery. Equipment and technique were discussed and AEV even demonstrated a Pull-Pal winch anchor while extracting a stuck Jeep. This was particularly interesting to the guests who in some cases had never heard of a Pull-Pal, let alone seen one in action.

Following this demonstration AEV decided to take the group back to a few of the nastier dunes for a little playtime. While the previous day had given the guests a nice overview of the park, the second day would be more about "unleashing the beast" on some of the taller, more technical dunes. With this playtime would come a unique opportunity to develop more advanced driving skills like crab-walking and high-lining – something HEMI V8 owners are particularly fond of!

In deciding on a place to play, one particular dune stood out in the minds of the guests. Some estimated that it approached eight stories, but regardless of the height, it was flat-out intimidating. Getting a serious run at the dune was vital. Get it right and even the V6-powered Jeeps could keep just enough momentum to crest the top. Get it wrong and it meant a steep, dicey reverse – all the way to the bottom. A couple of the guests got to experience the “fun" of getting it wrong and no doubt it left a special memory.

As the day progressed, AEV began to choose more and more severe paths through the tall dunes. Climbs continued to require speed while descents became so steep that the drivers operated in controlled slides. Up on the ridgelines the dunes became so jagged and technical that drivers strained their necks to see if they were still following the ridge or getting dangerously close to the edges. In Jeep parlance we call this fun!

Depending on how you look at things, the fun continued when one of the guests finally lost the correct path along a ridgeline and slid perilously sideways off the dune. Thanks in no small part to the wide track of the Jeep JK, the vehicle slid but did not roll. Additionally, sand piled up on the low side of the tires as the Jeep slid and this helped bring the vehicle to a precarious, but reassuring stop. Next came the recovery!

Thanks to the topography, AEV was able to safely position another Jeep on the high side of the stuck one. A winch line was then used to secure the stuck Jeep and sand was then excavated from beneath its high-sided tires. This allowed the stuck Jeep to gradually return to a more level angle. Meanwhile, a channel was dug for the high-sided tires that went out ahead of the Jeep and gradually curved down hill. With the winch cable slowly paying out, the Jeep was allowed to pull forward following the channel until its nose was eventually pointing safely down hill.

Fortunately this whole recovery turned out to be a high point for the trip rather than a low one. The victims of the slide displayed a level of excitement that could have been due to still being alive, but they made it clear they were very much looking forward to the next outing. And that really seemed to sum up the overall sentiment of the group as we headed toward the exit. Two days of Jeeping on the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area had allowed the guests to discover the many layers of enjoyment the park provides. They all agreed that the scenery, the solitude (this time of year) and the driving challenges were simply incredible.

That evening we made Mo's on the wharf our dinner destination and like the evening before there was great excitement and reflection over the day. That's the great thing about Jeeping, it keeps on delivering long after you've left the trail.

"Karen & I would like to thank you & your crew for a couple of great days on the Oregon coast. We're grateful for your hospitality, patience and expertise! Your original invite was titled Oregon Dune Tour, but is was so much more. Hopefully we can hook up again. We had a blast!!"

Karen & Tony

"Thanks for the trip last week! We had a great time and learned a lot – including more must haves for the jeep (ordered differential skid, pull-pal, jack and jack carrier from AEV last night.) My only complaint is that I seem to be unable to focus, because my mind keeps drifting off to thought about when I can get back to the dunes."


Note: If you own an AEV-equipped vehicle and would like to join AEV on a future outing, contact Chris Wood at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Monday, 26 March 2012 11:40

AEV at Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2012

Easter just wouldn't be the same without a bunch of old friends, new friends and Jeeps in a little town called Moab. AEV will be set up Tues-Fri in the same spot as last year in the Carquest parking lot at 356 South Main Street. Stop by to say hello and check out the Brute Double Cab as well as a slew of other HEMI powered JKs.

AEV will be on the following trails throughout the week:

  • Tuesday 4/3 - Hell's Revenge
  • Wednesday 4/4 - Poison Spider Mesa
  • Thursday 4/5 - Hell's Revenge
  • Friday 4/6 - Gold Bar Rim

Automobile Magazine recently paid AEV a visit so they could take the Brute Double Cab for a spin. Despite being a pre-production model, they were impressed with the thoughtful design AEV put into the Double Cab and noted that our truck is on par with OEM standards. We love hearing that because with every product we create we strive for a look, fit and finish that compliments and enhances your on and off-road experience. When you choose AEV we truly want you to feel like you've chosen the best and we think we've achieved that with the Brute Double Cab.

Click here to read Automobile Magazine's full article on their Brute Double Cab test drive.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 13:56

Brute Double Cab Update

It’s the middle of March, time for a quick Brute Double Cab update, so we asked AEV’s President and Lead Designer Dave Harriton about the project recently. Here’s what he said:

“The Brute Double Cab we showed at SEMA ‘11 was built from a combination of production and prototype parts, and while it came together great for the show, it was far from a production model. Fast forward a few months, and the first parts of the final sheetmetal for the cab have just hit my desk for review, and I’m happy to report that they look great. We recently started building Brute #2 in Missoula, cutting our beloved Savegre in two. This build will be completely production-intent, and will be used to finalize all of the production components. From there the action shifts to our Wixom, MI facility where work will begin shortly on Brute #3. This build will be used to develop the vehicle build process that will be used for production volumes.

The most significant development work remaining revolves around fine-tuning the chassis and the suspension. Chassis development is being finalized right now, and once that is dialed in we can turn our attention to the suspension. Because of the changes in wheelbase and weight, our standard four door rear JK spring doesn’t deliver the level of ride and handling that we want on the Brute Double Cab, so we are developing a new rear spring specifically for the Brute. This will enable us to tweak the ride, frequency and load capacity specifically for the Brute Double Cab.”

Based on our current development timeline combined with production lead times on some of the critical components, we are shifting our projection for production launch from mid year to the fourth quarter. The response to the Brute Double Cab has been fantastic, and we already have a long and growing waiting list. The initial launch will be opened up first to current owners of AEV vehicles as well as to AEV’s network of certified Jeep dealers, and then to the general public after that. To get your name on the waiting list, please contact Jeff Clark at 248-926-0256 x217. We expect to release pricing on the Brute Double Cab this summer.

Be sure to stop by AEV’s booth at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari to see the Brute Double Cab in person. We’ll be set up in the same spot as last year, in the parking lot of the Carquest on Main St.

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AEV is pleased to announce the release of its new 6.4L HEMI Conversion Kits for 2007-2011 Jeep JK Wranglers. Like AEV's current 5.7L Conversion Kit, this new one will benefit from the same considerable attention to detail that AEV is so well known for. From the use of OE-style engine management to computer-tested wiring harnesses and perfectly fitted hard parts, AEV has carefully addressed all aspects of the conversion to create the most complete and user-friendly kit on the market. AEV has even developed a special glass filled nylon throttle body adapter to cleanly convert the 6.4L's left-hand-fed intake manifold with the Wrangler's right-hand-fed airbox.  This adapter comes pre-installed on a new variable length runner intake and was designed to provide full volume flow and performance and looks like a factory offering.

When AEV's new 6.4L HEMI Conversion Kit is combined with Chrysler's tremendously powerful 6.4L HEMI (470HP/470TQ), the result is a high-performance JK that puts more power to the ground than most muscle cars, while retaining the factory reliability and serviceability of a stock Wrangler.

Click here to learn more and purchase the 6.4L HEMI Conversion Kit


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