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Monday, 23 September 2013 05:39

Australia Safari - Day 1 Blog

Australasian Safari Rally Leg 1 complete. We made it through and back to the bivouac intact and happy. 

SS 1 took us along the beach through sandy tracks filled with hidden rocks then up and over some farmland trails.  After yesterday's prologue, we had a lot of the nerves shaken out so we came into it ready to go.

For SS 2, we headed inland a bit and found wide open tracks filled with soft white sand.  This is where we had a chance to test our speed.  Lots of sweeping turns and gentle inclines and long sections with few instructions so it really was fun to drive.  The AEV suspension was great, we've seen reviews of it's performance at speed on a track and we're happy to say we saw the same performance in the sand.

We were particularly looking forward to SS3 today.  From the road book, it looked like a "Jeep leg" - creek crossings, steep inclines and rough washouts.  Most of the 140 km was inside the Murchison Off Road Park  ( highly recommended stop during a visit to Western Australia and the kind of place I'd love to have near home).  The Jeep performed admirably and we saw some carnage from teams that had been through earlier; bumper pieces, snorkel parts and some downed fence posts.

Day one of the Safari Rally is complete and we're really happy with how we're doing.  Many of the repeat competitors have advised us to stay smart and that just completing Safari is a significant accomplishment.   We think that sounds like good advice - tomorrow is a long day and there are five more behind it. 

Leg 2 - Bull Dust!  Long day but a good one.  More to follow.