American Expedition Vehicles
Friday, 11 September 2015 00:00


If you’re at all familiar with American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), you already know what they can do for the Jeep Wrangler. Much more than simply a conversion company, AEV engineers suspension systems, exterior upgrades, interior accessories, and wheels for Jeep vehicles. It also offers its complete Hemi Builder Kit for those looking to perform a V8 swap. Now the company has waved its wand over the Ram 2500/3500 pickup truck.

The suspension underneath the AEV Ram is its own in-house design and offers some interesting mechanical details. Built exclusively for the 2500/3500 Ram truck, it features many of the engineering basics that were incorporated into the company’s well-respected JK Wrangler suspension system. The concept from its beginning on paper was to make it a dual sport system–to have excellent road manners as well as great off-road terrain handling capability. To do this, AEV worked hard to maintain the best possible suspension and steering geometry. In addition, it partnered again, as it had on its JK suspension system design, with Bilstein to create custom-tuned shocks for the AEV Ram suspension.

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AEV's latest project is a fitting example of that strict adherence to perfection. While most vehicles we encounter at the SEMA Show are best described as rolling pieces of art, this AEV Ram is not just functional, it is ubercapable. Instead of lifting the truck to the sky to fit 41-inch Super Swamper Iroks, AEV added larger fender openings and only increased the ride height 3 inches. The inspiration comes from the Highline kits that AEV introduced for Jeep Wranglers nearly a decade ago. And the new suspension and steering goes beyond the industry goal to retain factory suspension geometry and actual improves the Ram's handling with revised pickup points that raise the roll center.

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Always looking to put its latest wares to the test, the crew from AEV invited a few of its associates from Canada, Germany, Japan, and South Africa, to join them on the R&D adventure.

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