American Expedition Vehicles
Thursday, 06 October 2011 00:00

AEV 6.4L JK Hemi Featured on Bloomberg News

We’re always popping up in articles, features, highlights, reviews – and we generally adore the attention. Today it’s Bloomberg’s Jason Harper that took one of our rigs out for a pretty serious adventure to get a feel for what AEV Wranglers are. Not just an AEV, our latest AEV JK HEMI Wrangler, a 6.4 Liter VVT V8, fully loaded and miles away from where we could see what he was doing with it.

We seem to have good luck with writers willing to put in more than a few hours when working with our vehicles. From week-long AEV embedded reporting in Moab to Jason’s trip where along with his father put over 1000 miles on the Jeep. If 1000 miles isn’t enough to get an accurate and reliable feel for a vehicle, I’m not sure 2000-10,000 would be any better.

The two guys seem to come away with an appreciation for the high quality of AEV Jeeps, along with one gripe that should be of no surprise to anyone (although we have to mention that it’s not like it’s any better in similar-capable vehicles – even if there were any). Personally, I disagree about the mileage, I’ve found journalists to have lead feet (heh), it’s still a really good article and you should go check it out.

The entire article can be read on Bloomberg’s site here.