American Expedition Vehicles

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, we’re not flattered.

At AEV, we like to think of ourselves as a company founded on good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity, hard work, and quality American manufacturing. So it really bothers us when other companies steal our designs and copy our products. Over the past couple years as we have grown our distribution network worldwide, we have seen an increasing number of counterfeit AEV products being manufactured around the world. While some of the copies may look like AEV products from a distance, closer inspection reveals them to be low quality knockoffs, similar in appearance only. Many times the sellers will attempt to pass the copies off as originals, and we want to make sure that consumers are educated about these copies, know how to spot them, and understand the risks involved with using them.

The copies are typically manufactured overseas in low cost countries where they not only use cheap labor, but also take many shortcuts in the manufacturing process, material and coatings. In some cases the compromises are minor, in other cases they could seriously impact the performance or safety of the part. We have purchased and analyzed many of the fakes that are available, and have even put some of them through the same testing procedures that we use on our own products. And the fact is – much like a fake Rolex watch – the copies turn out to be low quality imitations.

AEV’s goal is to design and manufacture the best products available. That means that our products won’t always be cheap, and in fact oftentimes that puts them at the higher end of the price range in their particular product category. But all of the costs that go into manufacturing an AEV product are there for a reason. From the type of material, to the manufacturing and coating processes, every choice has been carefully thought out, and each decision contributes to making a high quality part worthy of carrying the AEV name. While some AEV products may be more expensive than competitive products, and all are more expensive than the low-cost counterfeits, AEV products demonstrate long term value in durability, quality and total cost of ownership.

AEV products are protected by a number of patents and trademarks here in the US, and we vigorously pursue any domestic infringements of our intellectual property. We also have an international intellectual property portfolio and pursue international infringements as we become aware of them, and can reasonably act in the country at issue. There are a number of different avenues we pursue in this regard, and will use the United States Trade Representatives Office, local and international law enforcement, and local legal actions to address these issues periodically.  Counterfeit products harm our consumers and our company. Due to quality concerns, many of the counterfeits we have found entering the market can impact vehicle performance and make them potentially dangerous to operate.

If you come across a product that you suspect may be a copy, please contact us before purchasing and we will verify its authenticity. While we feel for customers who are duped into buying fakes, we cannot provide tech support, warranty or replacement parts for these products. Any comments or concerns about counterfeit AEV products can be sent to us via this form.