AEV’s new High-Capacity Springs on the UTBDR

AEV's new High-Capacity Springs on the UTBDR 15

Among 4WD enthusiasts, Utah is known worldwide as the home of Moab and the Easter Jeep Safari. Each year the famous Easter Jeep Safari attracts thousands of 4WD enthusiasts who come down to enjoy Moab’s legendary slickrock landscapes. However, it turns out that Moab’s landscapes are just a fraction of what Utah has to offer and for 4WD enthusiasts who want to see just how diverse and amazing this state really is, the Utah Back Country Discovery Route offers a front row seat.

Group of Jeeps driving down the road

The Utah Back Country Discovery Route (UTBDR) is a 4WD track that stretches roughly 900 miles across Utah – from the border of Arizona to the border of Idaho. Along the way it passes through some of Utah’s most stunning locations including the Valley of the Gods, Lockhart Basin, San Rafael Swell and the Uintas Mountains. During the month of July, AEV’s Chris Wood guided a team of AEV friends across the UTBDR – over which they traveled self-contained, camped remotely each night and ultimately completed the route in nine days. We hope you will be inspired by Chris’ photos from the trip and consider running the UTBDR yourself.

For those of you who own JK Wranglers and like to tackle long, self-contained trips such as the UTBDR, you may have noticed your JK has gotten particularly heavy with the addition of accessories like a fridge, roof-top tent, storage drawer system and much more. In fact if you’ve weighed your JK on a truck-scale, you may have been surprised to find that it came in well above GVWR. If so, you might be interested to know that AEV recently introduced its new High-Capacity Springs for JKs like yours. These springs were specifically designed not only to help level your JK, but drastically improve its stability, too. (Note: the white, gray and green JKs all feature these new springs in the UTBDR photos)

Party members talking at a stop on the trip.

AEV JK High Capacity Springs >>

If you would like more information about the UTBDR or AEV’s High-Capacity Springs, you can reach out to Chris at . You can also visit Back Country Discovery Routes at or American Expedition Vehicles at

AEV Utah BDR Trip Gallery:

Scenery from AEV trip
AEV Jeep on the trail
AEV Jeep at a stop on the trail
Jeeps coming down the road
AEV Jeep overcoming obstacles
Group of Jeeps driving down the road, shot from a distance
AEV Jeep parked in the shade.
Tour member playing fetch with his dog in front of a Jeep.
Mountain scenery fromt he trip.
AEV Pintler wheels mounted on a Jeep at a stop
AEV Jeep with snorkel, kicking up a large amount of dust while overcoming an obstacle.
Group of party members sitting around a fire.
Three AEV Jeeps parked at a stop
AEV Jeep with Snorkel
AEV Jeeps at camp setup.
Additional mountain scenery from the trip.
AEV premium bumper mounted on a Jeep on the trip
AEV Jeep at a stop with tail gate open