RX Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, & RX Tire Carrier Sign-Up Form

Due an extremely high demand for these products and a very limited supply as production ramps up, we will be offering these products through a lottery system in order to make it fair for everyone. We encourage anyone who wants a bumper to sign-up now, as we will continue to use this database for future bumper batches as well, until production volumes reach a more sustainable level.

  • Please select whether you would like a front bumper, rear bumper or both.
  • The cut-off for batch #1 sign-ups will be 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday 12/15. However, the form will remain open for future batches.
  • Customers who sign-up using this form will entered into the lottery drawing for these products.
  • 20 customer names will then be chosen using a randomizer on Wednesday 12/16.
  • #1-10 will receive the products they selected on the form.
  • #11-20 will be next in line for the remaining products.
  • Customers will be contacted directly by an AEV Sales Representative to process your order.
  • Customers will have 48 hours to respond/pay before their spot is given to the next person in line.
  • Multiple entries will be disqualified. 

Please DO NOT sign-up if you do not intend to purchase.

This is for RETAIL CUSTOMERS ONLY. If you are an AEV Dealer, you must contact your AEV Sales Representative. If you are selected and you are a dealer, your spot will be given to the next person in line.

The lottery drawing is open to US customers only. International customers should contact the AEV Dealer(s) in your country to purchase.

Customers will be randomly chosen on Wednesday 12/16. We will post the video on the AEV Facebook page and tag whoever we can, so it is very important that your contact info is accurate, especially if you are not on Facebook.

All prices are listed on this form and shipping will be calculated based on the address provided on the form. We CANNOT ship to PO Box.

Good luck!

Please click here to view the AEV RX Front Bumper product page.

Please click here to view the AEV Rear Bumper and RX Tire Carrier product page.

AEV RX Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, and RX Tire Carrier Entry Form

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