AEV Deflator Tool makes “airing down” a painless task

In off-road and adventure driving, it is well-known that sandy, muddy, rocky, and snow-covered terrain can be more easily traversed when the vehicle’s tires are properly deflated. This ensures that more of the tire’s surface is able to grip difficult ground, allowing for better traction and control. For this reason drivers will take time to deflate their tires before hitting the trail.

And this may not be as easy—or as fast—as it sounds, especially with the larger tires often desired in off-road driving. Typically the operation is done by inserting a screwdriver or other implement into the tire’s valve stem to allow air to escape, with occasional stopping and checking to make sure proper pressure is reached. This can take a long time—several minutes per tire—time better served driving.

AEV now offers the best tool available anywhere for fast, accurate tire deflation before venturing off-road. Instead of depressing the valve stem, this corrosion resistant brass/steel Deflator Tool actually unscrews the core of the valve stem to allow air out quickly. Monitor the easy-to-read dial gauge until the desired pressure is reached and then screw the core back into the valve stem. The whole operation can be accomplished in less than two minutes per tire.

As for proper tire pressure to aim for, that depends on the terrain and whether or not your wheel has a beadlock ring installed. At AEV, for our standard Salta, Savegre, Pintler, and Borah wheels, we recommend airing down to about 12-15 psi when encountering dry dirt, muddy, or rocky trails. For sand and snow, air down further to 8-10 psi.

AEV’s Borah wheel also comes with an optional Beadlock Ring, which when properly installed allows for even further deflation without the risk of popping the bead of the tire from the wheel.

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