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JK 3.8L Supercharger Kit

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AEV has partnered with Magnuson to develop a Supercharger Kit for the 2007–2011 Jeep Wrangler JK 3.8L  that utilizes the latest in Eaton’s line of Twin Vortices Series (TVS) superchargers and offers many performance benefits over other existing blower designs. Its advantage lies with its four-lobe, 160 degree high helix rotors, which provide increased air flow with a wider operating range and a higher pressure capability, while maintaining cooler operating temperatures and a quieter operation.

Known worldwide as the industry leader in supercharger technology, Eaton has become the preferred supercharger supplier for manufacturers such Audi, GM, Ford, Mercedes, Jaguar and Nissan. Eaton’s TVS hybrid-roots supercharger system offers many advantages over centrifugal superchargers when being used on daily driven applications. It is completely self-contained, virtually maintenance free, and delivers power earlier in the rpm range and in a more linear fashion. The end result is a supercharger system that compliments the driving habits of most JK owners, whether it is on the trail or in rush hour traffic.

With this technologically advanced system, your Jeep Wrangler 3.8L can achieve higher torque levels while maintaining its everyday drivability. During testing, a 2007 JK with 37" tires and 5.38 gears gained an impressive 40% more horsepower and 37% more torque at the wheels! Keeping reliability in mind, boost pressure is set at a conservative 5psi.

Whether on the streets or blazing a new trail in the great outdoors, you will never be at a loss for power with the AEV Supercharger Kit installed on your JK.

Product Features:

  • 50-state emissions legal
  • Installs in 8-10 hours
  • 100% complete bolt-on system
  • Fits with the stock hood or the AEV Heat Reduction Hood
  • Internal Bypass Valve virtually eliminates parasitic loss
  • High thermal efficiency
  • High helix four-lobe rotors with 160 degrees of twist
  • Improved air-handling characteristics
  • Acoustically designed for noise and vibration reductions
  • Utilizes all factory “push-lock” connectors

Included Components:

  • Eaton MP1320 TVS supercharger with integrated bypass valve
  • High flow fuel injectors
  • Liquid-to-Air Intercooler
  • Diablo inTune Handheld Programmer
  • All necessary fittings, lines, belts, and hardware
  • Re-calibrated ECM (2011 JK only)
  • Speed control module (2011 JK only)


  • Standard 3-year/36,000 mile Warranty on the supercharger hardware
  • Standard 1-year Limited Warranty on electronics
  • Optional Extended Powertrain Warranty available - download form here.

Please Note: The AEV 3.8L Superchager Kit is compatible with LHD models only.

How is a supercharger different from a turbocharger?

Superchargers are mechanically driven air pumps that are connected directly to the engine crankshaft via the serpentine belt. A turbocharger is driven by the flow of exhaust gas which is generated as part of the engine combustion cycle.

Why choose supercharging over turbocharging?

Because turbochargers depend on the energy in the exhaust gas stream to spool up and generate boost pressure, there is often a delay in the response of the engine at lower engine speeds where exhaust energy is lower. This delay is often referred to as “Turbo Lag”. On the other hand, a supercharger is directly driven by the crankshaft of the engine, and there is no delay in engine response at lower engine speeds. This allows supercharged engines to have instant throttle response and better vehicle drivability.


How is the AEV Supercharger Kit different than some of the other kits on the market?

The big advantage of the AEV Supercharger Kit is the supercharger unit that we use. This hybrid-roots supercharger is manufactured by Eaton, who is the preferred supercharger supplier for many OE manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Nissan. Eaton superchargers are completely self-contained, making them extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free. The hybrid-roots design of the Eaton TVS supercharger delivers power lower in the rpm-range and in a more linear fashion when compared to a centrifugal supercharger, making it the ideal choice for any daily driven Jeep.     


Are superchargers noisy?

The AEV Supercharger Kit incorporates an Eaton TVS Supercharger with a specially designed bypass valve, which is actuated by a vacuum motor near the throttle body, and re-circulates the supercharger air flow when boost is not required. During typical driving conditions, the engine is under boost around 5% of the time, which means the remaining 95% of the time the engine is under vacuum, allowing for better fuel economy and a quieter ride. In addition, the helix angled rotors, along with specially designed inlet and outlet port geometry, also reduce pressure variations resulting in a smooth discharge flow and a lower level of noise during operation. The associated ducting and mounting used in installing the supercharger can play a major role in reducing the noise emitted by the supercharger. 


What modifications are necessary to install the AEV Supercharger Kit?

The AEV Supercharger Kit is designed to be installed on a 100% stock drivetrain. However, we do recommend a general mechanical inspection and tune-up prior to installing the AEV Supercharger Kit.  


How much power will I gain with the AEV Supercharger Kit?

The AEV Supercharger Kit will provide a 40% increase in horsepower and a 35% increase in torque. These numbers may vary slightly depending on the vehicle’s tire size, gear ratio, etc.


Is the AEV Supercharger Kit compatible with the AEV Snorkel Kit and AEV Heat Reduction Hood?

Yes, the AEV Supercharger Kit is compatible with the AEV Heat Reduction Hood and the AEV Snorkel Kit.


How will the AEV Supercharger Kit affect daily drivability?

AEV Supercharger Kit is ideal for the daily driven vehicle. The additional power that the AEV Supercharger Kit provides is available on demand, throughout the entire rpm range. Under cruising conditions, the compressed air from the supercharger is bypassed, and is recirculated in the supercharger, improving fuel efficiency. Under acceleration, the bypass is closed, and the “boosted” air is sent into the engine to provide increased throttle response and power.


What is the warranty on the AEV Supercharger Kit?

The AEV Supercharger Kit has a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on parts.


Will a supercharger void my factory warranty?

This is best discussed with the service manager or service writer at the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act states that the dealership cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to failure in the vehicle. With that being said, adding a supercharger will most likely result in greater scrutiny, should a drivetrain issue arise. For best results, try working with performance oriented dealerships. For additional piece of mind, an optional is available. This warranty offers up to 60 months/100,000 miles of additional powertrain coverage.


What type of additional maintenance is required with a supercharger?

A big advantage of the AEV Supercharger kit is the lack of any scheduled maintenance. The only item to keep an eye on is the drive belt. Just as any drive belt, if it shows any signs of wear, immediately replace it. The drive gear oil, however, has a service life of 100,000 miles.


What octane gas will I need to use with the AEV Supercharger Kit?

Minimum of 91 octane fuel is required. Octane booster is not sufficient. We strongly recommend that an entire tank of 91 octane fuel is run through the vehicle prior to installing the supercharger system.


Is the AEV Supercharger Kit street legal?

Yes, the AEV Supercharger Kit is CARB approved and 50-state legal.


How complex is the installation?

The AEV Supercharger Kit is a 100% completely bolt-on system that utilizes all factory “push-lock” connectors. The average installation time is 8-10 hours.


Where is the AEV Supercharger Kit manufactured?

The AEV Supercharger Kit is proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA.